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tkam vocab 2


edification education or instruction
gaped to stare at that person with your mouth open
inquisitive questioning or prying
morbid gruesome or horrible
placidly calmly or quietly
quibbling a type of arguing when you avoid the main point by bringing up petty details
tacit a agreement that has been silently agreed upon
ensuing something that comes immediately after something else
malignant dangerous or evil
prowess superior ability or skill
gnats small 2 winged insects that bite or sting
palate the roof of one's mouth
rendered made unable to
vigil a watch
aberrations a deviation, or a moving away, from something that is normal
caricatures a representation of a person where certain features of that person are exaggerated or distorted
libel to do something that would harm someones reputation
perpetrated carried out or commited
procured got
taffeta a lustrous, stiff fabric, often used for women's dresses, especially formal wear
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