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Unit 4

Energy Vocab

Test AnswersTest Questions
kinetic energy (KE) What is the energy of a moving object due to its motion
(you need to be able to do this for the test use your powerpoint notes to study) ***Make a graphic organizer showing the relationship of these words: Kinetic energy, potential energy and mechanical energy
mechanical energy what is the sum of the kinetic and potential energy of objects in a mechanical system
potential energy What is the stored energy resulting from the relative positions of objects in a system
power What is a quantity that measures the rate at which work is done
Electrical, chemical, nuclear, and mechanical (see powerpoint if you don’t remember) ***Describe three different forms of energy
work What is a quantity that measures the effects of a force acting over a distance
force x distance how do you calculate work?
work / time how do you calculate Power (P)
an example would be how energy (power) can be transformed to run a machine (mechanical energy). Explain how the different forms of energy can be transformed and transferred.
(you need to do this for the test..see powerpoint pictures ***Draw and label examples of the three forms of heat transfer
calculating potential energy what does this formula calculate? m x g x h (mass x gravity x height)
calculating kinetic energy What does this formula calculate 1/2 x mass x velocity squared?
chemical energy what is the type of energy from composition and position of atoms (type of potential energy) ?
electrical energy what is the type of energy from the flow of electrons ?
nuclear energy what is the type of energy from the splitting or combining of atoms?
law of conservation of energy What describes the occurrence where energy cannot be created or destroyed?
conduction what is it called when Energy is transferred by direct contact
perpetual motion machine....No, because energy transfers. What is a machine called which would continue forever without further input of energy (theoretical) Is it possible????
Law of Conservation of Energy Why is energy is transferred? Example from chemical energy to heat energy, or electrical energy to heat energy....why does it transfer?
Kinetic Energy is Moving/motion. Potential energy is the potential energy due to height and mass of an object above the earth's surface. Explain ow is Kinetic energy different from potential energy?
Temperature A measurement of how fast molecules are moving is called? Hint: They have a high Kinetic Energy.
Solids are drawn fixed, liquids -draw them moving a little bit, and gases need to be drawn moving quickly. (like we did on the board) ****Draw a solid liquid and gas particle showing relative motion of the atoms.
Rises What way does a heated fluid travel?
Falls What way does a cooler fluid travel?
Length What changes a pendulum's period (wave back and forth)the most?
see energy diagram in notes What is Thermal Energy and the properties and phases of Water as a solid, liquid, gas, plasma
describe: it's in my notes What is a Plasma?