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States of Consciousness

Conscious (level) our awareness of ourselves and our environment
Biological rhythms (biorhythms) periodic physiogical functions
Annual biorhythms
Circadian biorhythms the biological clock, regular bodily rhythms( for example, o temperature and wakefulness) that occur on a 24 hour cycle.
REM Stage a recurring sleep stage during which vivid dreams commonly occur. Also known as paradoxical sleep, because the muscles are relaxed but other body systems are active.
Insomnia recurring problems in falling or staying asleep
Narcolepsy a sleep disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks. The sufferer ay lapse directly in REM sleep, often at inopportune times.
Sleep Apnea a sleep disorder characterized by temporary cessations of breathing during sleep and repeated momentary awakenings
Night Terrors A sleep disorder characterized by high arousal and an appearance of being terrified; they occur during Stage 4 sleep, within two or three hours of falling asleep, and are seldom remebered
Manifest content according to Freud, the remembered story line of a dream
Latent content according to Freud, the underlying meaning of a dream.
Freudian Wish Fulliflement what Freud believed to be the latent content of your dreams
Activation-Synthesis Theory the activities and physiological process of the brain that lead to dreaming. During sleep, circuits in the brain become activated. As a result, parts of the limbic system that are associated with sensations, memories, and emotions become active as well.
Hypnosis a social interaction in which one person suggests to another that ceratin perceptions, feelings, thoughts, or behaviors will spontaneously occur
Psychoactive drugs any drug that alters your perception of yourself or your mood
Tolerance the diminishing effect with regular use of the same dose of a drug
Withdrawl the discomfort and distress of discontinuing the use of an addictive drug
Addiciton compulsive drug use and craving
Overdose use of a drug or medicine in an amount that is higher than is normally used
Physical Dependence a physiological need for a drug marked by unpleasant feeling of withdrawl
Psychological Dependence a psychological need to use a drug to relieve negative emotions
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