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Universe/EM Spectrum

Big Bang Theory and Electromagnetic Spectrum

How old is the Universe? 13.8 billion years
What happens to frequency as wavelength increases? frequency decreases
What is the single point in which all matter and energy first existed? singularity
The first person to observe galaxies Edwin Hubble
What portion of the EM spectrum causes skin cancer ultraviolet
What portion of the electromagnetic spectrum helps cell phones receive signals microwave/radio
What portion of the electromagnetic spectrum do humans emit? infrared
Which part of the EM spectrum is fastest? They are all the same speed.
Strength of a wave amplitude
Red shift and cosmic background radiation provide evidence for what? The Big Bang Theory
Top of a wave Crest
Bottom of the wave trough
Point on a wave from crest to crest wavelength
If the wavelength of light is stretched then light is moving away from the observer and is redshifted
If the wavelength of light is compressed then light is moving toward the observer and is blueshifted
What is the Doppler Effect? The frequency of an object's waves increase as it move towards the observer and decrease as they move away from the observer.
Where does an electromagnetic wave come from? vibration of electrons
What part of the EM spectrum has the most energy? gamma rays
Where do spectral emission lines come from? movement of electrons in an element when the atom is energized
Spectral lines of a star are useful because they can tell us how the star is moving or what elements are in the star
How many galaxies are in the Universe? 100 billion
What is a measurement of how often waves reach a certain point? frequency
How long have we known about galaxies? about 100 years.
What are the seven parts of the EM spectrum in order from highest to lowest gamma, x ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave, radio
What colors make up visible light? which is the highest frequency? which is the lowest frequency r o y g b v, violet is the highest frequency and red is the lowest frequency
Are wave of the EM spectrum mechanical waves? Why? no, because they do not need a medium, sound is an example of a mechanical wave
What are the steps to the big bang theory hot dense, energy converts to matter, cooling and condensing of subatomic particles, hydrogen, helium, then other elements
Was all the matter in the universe created in an instant? no energy converted into matter, and matter formed as the universe cooled
What is a light year how far light travels in a year
What is the speed of light? 3.00 x 10 to the 8th
What's larger an AU or a light year? light year
Organize the following from largest to smallest planet, moon, Sun, galaxy, solar system, universe, red giant star universe, galaxy, solar system, red giant star, Sun, planet, moon
Hubble's Law All galaxies are moving away from earth showing that the universe is expanding
What is nucleosynthesis? elements being created through nuclear fusion (during big bang or currently in stars)
What is faster light or sound waves? light
As frequency increases what happens to energy of the wave? increases
How can parallax be useful to study distances of objects? using two known observation points and background objects to measure unknown distances
What do mechanical waves need to move? medium (solid, liquid, or gas)