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TNM Staging Stages O - IV; T=size of tumor; N=extent of lymph node involvement; M= presence or absence of metastases
Cure 5 years of cancer free survival
Complete response absence of all neoplastic disease for at least one month after cessation of treatment
Partial Response >50% decrease in tumor size for at least one month
Stable Disease no change or criteria for PR progression not met
progression >24% increase in tumor size
Alkylating Agents Non-phase specific; Cyclophosphamide, Ifosphamide, Carmustine, Dacarbazine, Temozolamide, Meclorethamine, Melphelan, Chlorambucil, Busulfan, Streptozosin
Alkylating Agents ADRs myelosuppression esp leukemia, mucus ulcers, pulmonary fibrosis (carmustine), interstitial pneumonitis, alopecia, N/V, amenorrhea, azoospermia, hemorrhagic cystitis (I and C), encephalopathy with I, seizures
Antimetabolites S Phase specific; permitrexed, MTX, azacitidine, 5-FU, cytarabine, capecitabine, mercaptopurine, thioguanine, fludarabine
ADRs of antimetabolites hand-foot syndrome (5-FU and Capecitabine); severe diarrhea, GI mucosal damage, NV, fatigue, myelosuppression, alopecia, neurotoxicity, rash and fever, flu like sx, renal tox and mucositis (5-fU MTX), conjunctivitis, hemolytic uremic syndrome; opportunist
Anti-tumor Abx inhibit topo II; Doxorubicin, Daunarubicin, Epirubicin, Idarubicin, Mitoxantrone, Mitomycin, Bleomycin
ADRs severe N/V, alopecia, stomatitis
anthracyclines ADRs cardiac toxicity, AML, avoid in patients with cardiac history
bleomycin ADRs pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonitis
lifetime dose of doxorubicin 450-500 taking into account of other antras recieved
lifetime dose of epirubicin 900
Hormone and antagonists aminoglutethimide, megestrol, medroxyprogesterone, ethinyl estradiol, tamoxifen, fulvenstrant, toremifene, exemestane, anastrazole, letrozole, testosterone, fluoxymegestrone, bicalutamide, nilutamide, triptorelin, leuprolide, goserelin, abarelix
hormones ADRs edema, menstrual disorder, hot flashes, transiet muscle or bone pain, tumor flare, transient increase in LHRH, gynecomastia, elevated liver enzymes, N/V, diarrhea, erectile impotence, decreased libido, endometrial cancer w/ tamoxifen; bone loss, vent arrh
Plant alkaloids Docetaxel, paclitaxel, etoposide, teniposide, irinotecan, topotecan, vincristine, vinblastine, vinorelbine
Plant ADRs myelosuppression, mucositis, N/V, alopecia, edema (docetaxel), hypotension/hypersensitivity upon admin (paclitaxel), neurotoxicity (vincristine), diarrhea, HA, SIADH (vincas)
Biologicals and MABs aldesleukin, thalidomide, lenalidomide, rituxan, trastuzumab, gemtuzumab, alemtuzumab, bevacizumab, cetuximab
Biologicals ADRs hypotension, hypersensitivity to infusion, cardiac, pulmonary, renal impairment, avoid in autoimmune disorders, mental status changes, fever, chills, nausea, musculoskeletal pain, tumor lysis syndrome with rituximab
thalidomide ADRs neurotoxicity, neutropenia, DVT
premedicate for MABs APAP and benadryl
Platinum compounds cisplatin, carboplatin, oxaliplatin
PLatinum ADRs nephrotoxicity, peripheral neurotoxicity, myelosuppression, ototoxicity, N/V
Renal & Urinary Dysfunction CIMS-C; Cyclophosphamide, Ifosphamide, MTX, Streptozocin, Cisplatin; premedication with hydration therapy, mannitol
Hepatitis (Cytara Did Make Mitch's Night Tonight) Cytarabine, Daunarubicin, MTX, Mercaptopurine, Nitrosurea, Thioguanine
Cardiotoxicity Anthracyclines (includes Mitoxantrone); limit cumulative doses
Extravasation (Anthony Might Visit Mr. Pacman); Anthrocyclines, Mitomycin, Vincas, Mechlorethamine, Paclitaxel; give cold compresses and NS
Neurotoxicity (PAMCCV); Paclitaxel, Aspariginase, MTX, Cisplatin, Cytarabine, Vinchristine
Photosensitivity Actinomycin, 5FU, MTX
Infertility (Cindy's Mom Might Come); Cyclophosphamide, Melphelan, Mechlorethamine, Chlorambucil
Hypersensitivity (Paul Asked Connie To Eat Chinese); Paclitaxel, Aspariginase, Cisplatin, Teniposide, Etoposide, Carboplatin; premed with Ranitidine/Cimetidine, diphen, dex
Hepatotoxicity (Anthony Could Marry Meth); Asparaginase, Cytarabine, Mercaptopurine, Methotrexate
Alopecia (Cory Does Pay Mike); Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, Paclitaxel, Mechlorethamine
N/V (CCC-DI-MMM) Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide, Cytarabine, Dacarbazine, Ifosphamide, Melphelan, Mechlorethamine, Mitomycin
Myelosuppression (Al Forgot Mary's Coming Late); Alkylating agents, Fluorouracil, MTX, Cyclophosphamide, Lomustine; treat with GCSF, platelet infusions, EPO
Diarrhea Irinotecan, 5-FU; give atropine as pre-med, treat with lopramide
Renal toxicity (CIMS); Cisplatin, Ifosphamide, MTX, Streptozocin
Pulmonary toxicity BB-MC; bleomycin, busulfan,carmustine, mitomycin; treat with Corticosteroids
Ileus Vincristine, Vinblastine
Edema Docetaxel; prophylax with dexamethasone
Neuropathy (PMV) Plant Alkaloids, MTX, Vincas
Stomatitis 5-FU, MTX, Daunorubicin; hold ice chips in mouth, palifermin
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