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Sensitometry measure's film's response to exposure and processing; the study of the response of an IR to x rays;scientific study of light-sensitive materials
What equipment is used to measure film's response to light? sensitometer (optical step wedge) and densitometer
Measures films sensitivity to light; shows the range of densities on an image Sensitometer
Measures optical density densitometer
What is the formula for optical density? OD = log 10 Io/It
Blank film that has not been exposed. Control film
Shows the relationship between optical density and radiation exposure. Measures exposure to film and percentage of light transmitted through processed film. Characteristic curve
what is another name for the characteristic curve? H & D curve
Which axis is the log relative exposure (LRE) located on? x axis
Which axis is exposure located on? y axis
What are the 3 parts to the curve? toe, straight-line portion, shoulder
Which portion of the curve is considered the useful density range? straight-line portion
What are 4 proper storage conditions for radiographic film? store at < 68 degrees F and 30-60% humidity, keep film unexposed, first in first out, keep shelf life 45-60 days
Invisible image created after exposure but before processing. Latent image
Manifest image visible image after developing
Optical density inherent in the base and is controlled by the manufacture. base density
How fast film responds to a minimal exposure speed (sensitivity)
Base plus fog inherent base density blus chemical fog; what we read and measure
Dmin lowest density of exposed area (toe on curve)
Dmax highest density of exposed area (shoulder on curve)
Film graininess clumping of the silver halide crystals
Found with double emulsion film; two latent images on emulsions not perfectly superimposed. crossover
What are four sensitometric properties that can be identified on a characteristic curve? Dmin, Dmax, base plus fog, base density
An exposed image is ____ more sensitive to radiation than an unexposed image. 8x
Base plus fog is measured on a film on a/an ___. exposed or unexposed area unexposed area
State 3 things film is sensitive to. light, heat, humidity
Crown, smudge, tree are examples of what. 3 types of static artifacts seen on film.
Range of exposures that will produce an acceptable density. latitude
If the slopes of the straight line portion of a characteristic curve are parallel, what does that mean concerning contrast scale? It means that they both have the same contrast scale.
If you have a long scale of contrast you will have high or low contrast? low contrast
Amber safelights are used with what kind of sensitive film? blue
Film speed and resolution are indirectly/directly related. indirectly
How can the manufacture control the speed of the film? crystal size, emulsion thickness, mAs
kVp controls ______. contrast
Film latitude and contrast are directly realated. True/false false - indirectly
What is an advantage of having a high speed film? disadvantage? lower dose; loss of resolution
State a disadvantage of high contrast film. With high contrast film you will get a narrow latitude.
Name 3 types of equipment used for processor monitoring. sensitometer, densitometer, control film
How often should processor monitoring be performed? every day
The toe of the characteristc curve is controlled by ________. phenidone
The shoulder of the characteristic curve is controlled by ________. hydroquinone
The ability to image an object faithfully. Resolution
Resolution depends on _____. crystal size
Speed or _______ is controlled by ____. sensitivity;crystal size
What affects speed? number of sensitivity specks and the thickness of the emulsion.
Name 3 things that speed is affected by. developement time, developemnt temp. and chemical activity
Film contrast density differences that film can demonstrate
Film contrast is demonstrated by _________ on the H&D Curve. slope of curve
Film Latitude range of exposures that produce appropriate densities
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