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2.4 Mae Johnson

Suffixes -ive means "tending to be or do" and -ic means "relating to"

It was a truly _____________ event when the shuttle first went up. Clue: timely historic
The scientists who built it had ______________ ideas. Clue: clever inventive
They were dreamers, but they were ______________ about what was possible. Clue: aware of how things are realistic
They knew the shuttle's flights would have to be _____________ during the year. Clue: now and then periodic
But watching the _____________ rocket rise into the air was breathtaking. Clue: big massive
Its fiery trail in the sky looked _______________. Clue: made with style artistic
The entire country was _________________ of their efforts. Clue: in favor supportive
They were ______________ they had a winner! Clue: sure positive
Larry is a ______________ painter. Clue: having the ability to create creative
Our _____________ parrot loves to make up rhymes. Clue: like a poet poetic
The house has an _____________ view of the valley. Clue: expanding in all directions expansive
My _____________ brother can run, jump, and swim. Clue: like an athlete athletic
Wren is an _____________ speaker. Clue: having the ability to express ideas clearly expressive
Created by: ashleymohn