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Medical Terminology

Rakhi-Medical Terminology

Word ElementMeaning
amni amni(amniotic sac)
cervic neck; cervix uteri
colp vagina
vagin vagina
galact milk
lact milk
gynec woman,female
hyster uterus(womb)
uter uterus(womb)
mamm breast
mast breast
men menses,menstruation
metr uterus(womb)
nat birth
oophor ovary
ovari ovary
perine perineum
salping tube(usually fallopican or eustachian tubes)
episi vulva
vulv vulva
-arche beginning
-cyesis pregnancy
-gravida pregnant woman
-para to bear (offspring)
-salpinx tube (usually fallopian or eustachian tubes)
-tocia childbirth,labor
-version turning
rect rectum
K.U.B Kidney, Ureter,Bladder
T.U.R.P. Transurethral, Resection of the prostate
Eupnea normal breathing
I.V.U Intravenous Urography
Oma tumor
emia blood condition
S.B.F.T. Small Bowel Follow Through
-esis, -ia, -ism condition
-ac, -al, -ar, -ary, -eal, -ic, -ical, -ile, -ior, -ious, -tic pertaining to,relating to
-ist specialist
-iatry medicine
-icle, -ole, -ule small, minute, little
lysis separation, destruction,loosening
trophy nourishment
pathy disease
azot nitrogenous compounds
tripsy crushing
ptosis prolapse, downward displacement
pexy (fixation)of an organ
osis abnormal condition
meat opening
stenosis narrowing, stricture
itis inflammtation
cele hernia, swelling
pyel renal pelvis
vesic bladder
cyst bladder
scopy visual examination
ureterectasis an examination of the ureter
aden gland
graphy process of recording
cyte cell
tome instrument to cut
gram record, writing
plasty surgical repair
stomy forming an opening
a-, an- without, not
dys painful difficult
olig scanty
pepsia digestion
py pus
scler hardening
emesis vomiting
ectasis dilation, expansion
cystolithotomy the excision of a stonefrom the bladder
suture a surgical construction, the stitching of soft tissue
rrhaphy suture
iasis abnormal condition
suprarenal above kidneys
diuretic increase production of urine
anti-diuretic decreases production of urine
edema when body tissue contain an excessive amount of fluid which causes swelling
nephralgia pain in the kidneys
nephritis inflammation of the kidneys
nephrolith kidney stones
nephrolithiasis an abnormal condition of kidney stones
lithiasis an abnormal condition of stones
nephromegaly enlargment of a kidney
nephrectomy the removal of one or both the kidneys
Perineum the external region between the vulva and anus in a female and/or between the scrotum and anus in males
diuresis increased formation and secretion of urine
dysuria painful or difficult urination symptomatic of cystitis and other urinary tract conditions
renal hypertension high blood pressure that results from kidney disease
interstitial nephritis nephritis associated with pathological changes in the renal interstitial tissue that may be primary or due to a toxic agent such as a drug or chemical. the end result is that the nephrons are destroyed and renal function is seriously impaired
enuresis involuntary discharge of urine after the age by which bladder control should have been established
V.C.U.G. voiding cystourethrogram/cystourethraphy
U.T.I. urinary tract infection
B.U.N. blood, urea,nitrogen
I.V.P. intravenous pyelogram
P.O. by mouth
N.P.O. nothing by mouth
tracheostomy the surgical opening of the trachea to provide and secure an open airway
C.V.A. cerebrovascular accident
pharyng pharynx
pleur pleura
pulmon lung
thorac chest
tonsill tonsils
sinus sinus, cavity
trache trachea
aer air
carcin cancer
gastr stomach
hem blood
hepat liver
hydr water
melan black
muc mucus
my muscle
myc fungus
orth straight
-centesis surgical puncture
ectomy removal, excision
-tomy incision
-algia, dynia pain
-malacia softening
-phobia fear
-pnea breathing
-spasm involuntary contraction, twitching
-therapy treatment
eu- good, normal
micro small
neo- new
pneumothorax the presents of air in the pleural cavity
pythorax the presence of pus in the chest
thoracentesis the surgical puncture of the chest to remove fluid
chondroma a cartilaginous tumor
bronch, bronchi bronchus
adenoid adenoids
alveol alveolus
chondr cartilage
epiglott epiglottis
nas nose
laryng larynx(voice box)
or mouth
angi vessel
aort aorta
atri atrium
cardi heart
phleb,ven vein
thromb blood clot
ventricul ventricle
cerebr cerebrum
necr death, necrosis
cardia heart condition
brady slow
peri around
tachy rapid
tri three
-um structure, thing
rrhexis rupture
-oid resembling
lith stone,calculus
genesis formation,producing,origin
electr electric
leuk white
xanth yellow
erythr red
derma skin
xer dry
onych nail
onychopathy disease of the nail
sudoriferous gland sweat gland
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