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PT Term Ch 16

aseptic technique procedure for mixing sterile compounded products with a complete absence of viable micoorganisms
Automated dispensing machines unit that dispenses medications at the point of use
batching preparation of large quantities of unit dose soln., sups., or small volume parenterals for future use
biological safety cabinet where iv's are prepared for medication containing cytotoxic or chemotherapeutic drugs
bulk compounding log a record of medications that are compounded in the pharmacy for non-specific patients
code cart a locked cart of medications desighned for emergency use
dea regulatory agency for controlled substances
emr computerized patient medical record
extemporaneous oral compounds oral medications which must be prepared following a specitic formula
hipaa to protect a patient's healthcare information
medication admin record helps nurses to record and track medications given to a patient
msds contains info regarding safe handling procedures, signs and symptoms of exposure, and exposure limits
non-formulary drugs drugs not on the formulary list; doctors can fill out a prior authorization form to get it covered for patient
outpatient pharmacy a hospital pharmacy that services patients who have left the hospital or who visit doctors in outpatient clinic
par amount of medication that should be kept on shelf or cart
pneumatic tube a system that shuttles objects through a tube using compressed air as the force
pyxis automated dispensing machine that provides easy access to patient medication for the nursing staff
reconstitute to make a solution or suspension by adding water or diluents to a pre-made powder from of a drug in a drug bottle
sharps container red container designated for disposal of used needles or other items that may cut or puncture the skin
short stability the medication that will expire soon after preparation
state board of pharmacy registers pharmacists and technicians
tpn: protein carbohydrates and essential nutrients given to the patient through and iv line
us Pharmacopoeia creates standards to assure the quality of medicines, dietary supplements and related products
usp 795 regulations pertaining to the non-sterile compounding of formulations
usp 797 regulations pertaining to sterile product preparation
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