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Who is the main charecter? Hazel
Who is Hazels best friend? Jack
What did Jack want to do when he grows uo? Baseball player and comic book creator
What does Jack want to do if he becomes a base ball player? Make a new record of hits
What was the nick name that people called Hazel and she did not like it? Hazy crazy
Who did Hazel throw the pencil box at? Tyler
What did hazel use to throw at Tyler? Pencil box
Who is the evil character in Hazels story/thinking what happened to Jack? Ice Queen
Where did the Ice Queen live? In a ice castle
What did the Ice Queen give to Jack when he was cold? White fur
How did the Ice Queen look like? She had pale skin white fur things and a ivy like dress
What did Hazels mom want Hazel to do? Get new friends who are girls
What is one thing Hazels mom does not like about Jack? He is a boy
What did Hazels mom say when Hazel told her about Jack and her? This happens to friends and he probably grown out of having a girl as a friend
What did Hazel and Jack usually do when they were friends? Go sledding
We're did jack usually wait for Hazel at when it was recess? Ne'er the slide at the playground
What did Hazel do when she hit Tyler with her pencil box? Ran out of class
We're did the snowball hit Jack? His left eye
Who did Jack hang out with after he had a friend break up with Hazel? Bobby and Taylor
Who sat next to Hazel after her friend break up with Jack? Mikaela
Who did Hazels mom like Hazel to hang out with? Adelaide
Who asked Mikaela to sit in a different place with them? Susan
Who taught Hazel how to dance? Adelaide
After Adelaide taught Hazel how to dance/ballet Hazel asked her mom if she could take? Ballet lessons
What did Hazel not have? Dad
How did Hazel get to her family? She was adopted
Where was Hazel from? India
What did Hazel have that was special about her? Great imagination
Who is Tyler Freeman? Jacks friend but a bully to Hazel
Who is the Snow Queen? White Witch
Who is Hazels teacher? Mrs.Jacobs
Who is Jacks teacher? Mr.Williams
What grade is Hazel in? 5th grade
What was Jacks last name? Campbell
Who is Bobby? Jacks friend but a bully to Hazel
What do Tyler and Bobby both have in common? Like to bully Hazel
What did the Snow Queen ride? A huge sled
Who pulled the Snow Queens sled? White horses
Who is Mr.Lewis? Student counselor
Which school does Hazel go to? Lovelance Elementary
Who is Ben? A woods man
What was Hazel's cover name in the woods? Rose
What got in Jacks eye? Glass
What did Hazel and Jack usually play? Superhero baseball players
What Hazel and Jack use as baseballs? Snowballs
Who was Adelaide's uncle? Martin
What did Adelaide's uncle do? Make movies and wright books
What did Adelaide's do with her uncle and Hazel? Make up a story of an evil Ice Queen and her castle....
What was bad about Adelaide's uncles movies? He could not publish it for the world to see
Created by: Karinakoz
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