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Vocab List F

literate able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training
marginal in, at, or near the edge; only barely good, large, or important enough for the purpose
intrigue craft dealings, underhand plotting; (v). to form and carry out plot; to puzzle or excite the curiosity
elite the choice part of a group of people or things; superior
prodigious immense; extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree
indulge to give in to a wish or desire, give oneself up to
bountiful giving freely, generous; plentiful, given abundantly
controversial arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement
abashed Embarrassed, ashamed, or nonplussed
frustrate to prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; to cause feelings of discouragement
collaborate to work with, work together
flaunt to wave or flutter showily; to display in a conceited, offensive way
instill to add gradually; to introduce or cause to be taken in
amass To bring together, collect, gather, especially for oneself; to come together, assemble
antics Ridiculous and unpredictable behavior or actions
customary Usual, expected, routine
dynamic Active, energetic, forceful
finesse Delicate skill; tact and cleverness; to accomplish something by cleverness, good judgment, or skillful evasion
legendary Described in well-known stories; existing in old stories rather than in real life
maim To cripple, disable, injure, mar, disfigure, mutilate
mutual Shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more
ornate Elaborately decorated; showily splendid
pending Waiting to be settled; until
poised Balanced, suspended; calm, controlled; ready for action
veer To change direction or course suddenly, turn aside, shift
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