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LDR Lessons 5-8

Leadership of the New Testament, Acts, 1st Peter, and 2nd Peter

Who wrote Acts? Luke
Acts... Picks up where the Gospel left off
Jesus gives the Great Commission 1:1-8:4 Jerusalem 8:5-12:25 Judea and Samaria 13:1-28:34 Remote Areas (Paul)
Acts: Part I Peter heals; Peter and John imprisoned; Peter commanded to quit preaching Christ; advice of Gamliel the Pharisee; apostles beaten, but keep preaching; Deacons appointed; Stephen's great message, Saul agrees to Stephen's death
Stephen courageous; martyred for his preaching
Philip energizer; took gospel to Etheopia
Barnabas encouager
Acts: Part II Saul's conversion, raises Dorcus(Tabitha); respond to Corneliuss, 3 times sees vision of sheet(salvation to all); James killed; Peter released; Herod dies; Mark returns to Jerusalem
Peter means... the rock
1st Peter Written around 63-66 to all Christians; encourages persecuted Christians; gird minds, sober spirit, fixed hope; quotes from the Old Testament; exhorts leaders
2nd Peter With the Lord, 1,000 years is a day to us; He will come "like a thief in the night"
Act: Part III Chapter 13: Focus shifts to Paul in Antioch; 1st journey: Galatian cities, 2nd journey: Galatia, Macedonia, Greece, Jerusalem, Antioch (home base); 3rd journey: arrested, imprisoned, sent to Felix, Festus, Agrippa; Under house arrest in Rome
Paul wrote what books? Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon
Created by: crjacobs



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