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U.S. & Canada

U.S & Canada Physical Features, Climates, Economies, Governments

Name 5 mountain ranges that link U.S. & Canada: Pacific Ranges, Sierra Nevadas, Cascades, Alaska Ranges, Rocky Mountains
What is the tallest mountain in the North American continent? Mt. McKinley
How do we know the Rocky Mtns. are a "young" mountain range? have SHARP peaks
What is the lowest point in the North American continent? Death Valley
What is another name for the Interior Lowlands of the U.S.? Great Plains-gradually slope from height of 6,000 ft. to low 10 ft. elevation at Mississippi River
What is the largest grain-growing region in the U.S.? Bread Basket
Appalachian Mountains are old mountains. TRUE or FALSE? True-their peaks are worn down & rounded by glacial erosion, go from Canada to U.S. [Georgia]
What is the area of bedrock surrounding the Hudson Bay in Canada? Canadian Shield
What is the area of states in U.S. along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico? Coastal Plains
What state is comprised of islands in the Pacific forming an volcanic archipelago [chain of islands]? Hawaii
What is the world's largest island that is NOT a continent? Greenland
What island in the U.S. is the center of U.S. and world economic activity? Manhattan in N.Y.C.
What is another name for the "Great Divide"? Continental Divide-all rivers west of it flow to Pacific, and, all rivers east of it flow to Atlantic
What is the 2,350 miles long river with headwaters in Minnesota and mouth in Gulf of Mexico? Mississippi River System-tributaries that feed into it are Ohio and Missouri Rivers
Which river forms part of the border between U.S. & Canada? St. Lawrence River-this and other rivers and canals form the St. Lawrence Seaway that links the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
What is the term for several rivers MERGING [join at one spot]? Confluence-an example is the three rivers Allegheny, Ohio, and Monongahla Rivers merging in Pittsburg, PA
What term describes cities with a drop off from the high elevation Piedmont region to low elevation Coastal [Atlantic} Plains so no ship travel? Fall Line Cities-examples are Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia
What dam border the U.S. & Canada and provides hydroelectric power to Ontario, Canada and New York, U.S.? Niagara Falls
What lakes were formed by glaciers share a border with U.S. & Canada? Name all 5. Great Lakes-Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario
Name 2 states with large oil reserves. Texas and Alaska
What renewable resource is 50% of Canada comprised of? Timber-half of Canada is forest
What non-renewable resources are found in the Rocky Mtns. and Canadian Shield? Gold, silver, copper, and iron
What is the primary renewable resource found in the coastal areas of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico? Fishing
Name one of the world's richest fishing areas. Grand Banks in the Atlantic Ocean
What climate type comprises two-thirds of Canada? Sub-Arctic
What climate type brings warm winds from the Pacific Ocean? Marine West Coast-these warm, dry winds are called "chinook" and cause wild fires
What climate type is in the Rocky Mtns.& Pacific Ranges with high elevation? Highland
What is the line at which tree growth stops due to cold temperatures in the high elevation, so no trees grow above this line? Timberline
What effect causes an area to get little precipitation due to a mountain barrier causing winds to lose moisture? Rain Shadow Effect
What climate type has cold winters & mild summers and is found in the Northeast and Great Plains of U.S.? Humid Continental
What part of the country is prone to tornados due to grassy, but mostly treeless, plains? Prairies in the interior of the U.S. [Kansas]
What two states have a Tropical climate? Hawaii & Florida
What climate type characterizes the Southeastern U.S. with long, hot muggy summers and mild winters? Humid Sub-tropical
What is the term that describes people moving from place to place? Mobility
What is the term that describes people leaving rural [farming] areas for urban [city] areas for better job opportunities? Urbanization
What are outlying communities surrounding a city? Suburbs [Roanoke County is a suburb of the City of Roanoke]
What means "great city" Megalopolis-examples are NYC, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., in U.S. and Vancouver in Canada]-also, are FUNCTIONAL regions
What is the primary cause of population growth in the U.S. now? Immigration-the U.S. has low birth rates so growth is from people coming into the country
Name 3 U.S.cities with population growth along waterways. Detroit [Great Lakes]; Cincinnati [Ohio River]; Minneapolis & St. Louis [Missouri River]
What was built by immigrants in the late 1800's to transport manufactured goods across the country? Transcontinental Railroad
What process changed America and fueled urbanization? Assembly Line which mass produced cars and provided jobs in cities creating urbanization
What is the longest unfortified [not defended militarily] border in the world? U.S./Canadian border
When was the Dominion of Canada formed? 1867 from Canadian colonies of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick [now 10 provinces & 3 territories]
What is the movement called during which the U.S. expanded from the eastern seaboard of Atlantic to the Pacific Coast? Manifest Destiny
What 4 events caused the doctrine of Manifest Destiny? 1-Louisana Purchase [U.S. purchased land from France];2-Texas won independence from Mexico;3-Gold Rush pushed people west; 4-1867 U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia
What 2 factors fueled the Industrial Revolution? 1-factories in Northeast run by coal & steam; 2-cotton production in Southeast fueled need for slaves and supplied textile factories
What U.S. war from 1861-1865 was caused by disputes over slavery, economies and politics of the North & South? Civil War
What was the series of safe houses that escaping slaves used on their route North after fleeing Southern plantations? Underground Railroad-was not a literal railroad, that was the name used for the route
What similar type of government does U.S. & Canada share? Federal Democracy-power divided between states [U.S.]/provinces [Canada} and national gov't Congress [U.S.]/Parliament [Canada], governed by President [U.S.]/Prime Minister [Canada]
What are 3 common cultural characteristics that U.S. a & Canada share? 1-religious freedom; 2-high literacy rate; 3-high standard of living
What is a primary difference between U.S. & Canada? U.S. has no official language vs. Canada is bi-lingual [English & French]
What is the name of the economic system that has producers who privately own businesses that sell to consumers? Market Economy-our system in the U.S.-also called "free enterprise"
What type of economic activities do developed countries [U.S/Canada] derive most of their income from? Secondary [manufacturing] & Tertiary [Service industries]
What is PRIMARY [one level] economic activity? Agriculture-taking products like grains, livestock, and animals and selling them [dairy milk, corn, beef]-called "agribusiness"
What is SECONDARY [two levels] economic activity? Manufacturing-taking raw materials and making products, such as taking iron and making steel for car manufacturing; can be exported [sold to other countries]
What is TERTIARY [three levels] economic activity? Service Industries-sales, technology support, high tech field, teaching, nursing, providing a service using a skill, not a product
What is the term for what Rust Belt areas do in changing over from a secondary manufacturing economy to a tertiary service economy? Retooling
What is the term that describes the roads, railroads, interstate highway systems, bridges, and communication systems that allow a developed country to move people, goods and information? Infrastructure [means "inside the structure" of a country-only developed countries have]
When a country buys [imports] more than it sells [exports], it creates a ___________? Trade Deficit-negative imbalance because the country owes more to creditors than the income it takes in-ex. U.S. today
When a country sells [exports] more than it buys [imports], it creates a ____________? Trade Surplus-positive Quebalance sheet because the country takes in more income than what it owes to other countries-ex. Canada today
What is the organization of 3 North American countries that trade freely with no barriers? NAFTA-North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, U.S. & Mexico that has caused many U.S. businesses to move to Mexico for cheaper workforce causing U.S. to lose jobs
What are 3 examples of trade barriers? 1-Tariffs/taxes on imports; 2-Embargos/punishing a country by blocking their imports; 3-Quotas/limiting amounts of imports to low levels
What is the term that describes how people damage the environment by drilling, strip mining, & clear cutting forests? Environmental Degradation
What is the group of Canadians who want to separate from Canada and form their own French-speaking independent country? Quebecois
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