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Chapter 10

Managing at the Frontier without Ethics Rely on the marketplace to decide what is "good" technology. Its not my job to worry about the consequence of using technology.
Managing at the Frontier with Ethics ask: What parallel issues and previous decisions can help guide my decisions? Who are the new stakeholders relevant for managing at the frontier?
What places technologies at the frontier? New technology, advancement in existing technology, mass marketing of existing technology.
Managing at the frontier Managers uncomfortable with the product and how it will be incorporated into new user community. Lack of precedent and unknown outcomes. Genus-species approach- ties ethics at the frontier to existing ethical principles.
Managing the frontier Risks uncertainty, creation of new frontiers, privacy, ownership, responsibility.
Risk able to reasonably estimate probability.
Uncertainty you do not know the probabilities to assign.
What contributes to Uncertainty? Unintended uses e.g. the practice if prescribing a drug for a purpose not intended by the pharmaceutical company that produced it.
What contributes to Uncertainty? Unintended consequences e.g. terrorists and criminals using the internet to share knowledge and find victims
To manage uncertainty at the frontier ask: How people change the technology? How easy is it to change? How can i predict the implication?
Creation of New Frontiers When closely held innovation is released to a new community a new frontier has been created.
Internet and World wide web scientists used DARPANet for years before it reached private individuals.
Ford and the automobile by introducing the car to the masses new infrastructure had to be created.
Genetically Modified (GM) Foods countries without government regulation invited genetically modified crops into their agriculture system without telling end consumers
Nestle's Infant Formula was introduced to Africa which did not have adequate clean drinking water causing drastic effects and ethical problems.
Privacy is defined by The inaccessibility of information. The control an individual has over his/her information.
Individuals are better able to protect their privacy if they know Where the zones of privacy are (e.g. eBay informs individuals of exactly where their information is being used). Under what conditions information enters and leaves the zones.
Property RIghts 2 views: Labor or Lockean View, Utilitarian View
Labor or Lockean View My product belongs to me because I worked hard to produce this property. I have a right to fruits of my labor.
Utilitarian View Inventors have the exclusive right to their innovations for a limited time. Balance the right of innovator to reap the reward of his/her product with the need to promote progress in society.
Created by: rafi.sultani
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