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Chapter 9

Environmental Sustainability companies must consider the impacts of their activities on the natural environment
3 core assumptions The Principle of: Effects, Connectedness, Freedom and Responsibility
Effects All our activities have some impact on the natural environment
Connectedness All human actions are interconnected
Freedom and Responsibility Human beings can make choices that change their behaviour & surroundings. We are responsible for these choice and actions.
Four mind-sets in environmental debate Doomsayer, cornucopian, haves vs have-nots, aesthetic
Doomsayer Mind-Set Economic growth is a curse to the long-term survival of the planet and continued consumption and growth at present levels will lead to disaster for the planet unless we change quickly.
Cornucopian Mind-Set The earth is not heading for disaster. We are not running out of natural resources because technology is developing more efficient ways to use or replace them.
The Haves vs. Have-Nots Mind-Set Less developed countries argue that exploiting their natural resources for economic growth are their only means to alleviate poverty. Cornucopians say we should not stop LDCs economic development.
The Aesthetic Mind-Set Overconsumption leads us to lose our respect and appreciation for nature and the ecosystem. Consumption becomes an end in itself rather a means for human happiness.
Pragmatist Mind-set There is a disagreement as to the future of the earth. If the gloomy forecasts are right then the world will soon be uninhabitable. If the they are wrong, the earth will be fine. If you accept the gloomy forecast to be true, and it turns out to be wrong.
Light Green Principle Ensure that company complies with the law.
Market Green Principle Pay attention to the environmental preferences of customers.
Stakeholder Green Principle Respond to the environmental preferences of stakeholders.
Dark Green Principle Sustain and care of the earth.
Created by: rafi.sultani