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Pharmacologhy for RA

MOA of DMARDS antiinflammatory effect that slowps progression and preserve joint function; exact MOA is unclear
Name 3 DMARDS methotrexate, sulfonamides, hydrocychloroquine(antimalarials)
This drug has antiinflammatory and immmunosuppresive properties methotrexate
Agents that regulate extent and duration of the immune response and target IL and TNF Immune Modulators
3 things to monitor or hydroxychloroquine opthamalogy, blood cell counts, muscle strength and knee reflexes
3 drug classes to take care of RA DMARDS, immunomodulators, corticosteriod
MOA of corticosteroids with RA inhibit production of IL (decreases the immune response through decreasing T cells)
NP role in RA Tx monitor for response to medication and adverse reactions
1st line tx for RA DMARKS early aggressively
adverse effects of immune modulators tb risk, risk for infections, LFTS, Cbc
Indicator of reduced RA activity decrease crp and esr
HOw to monitor pt taking sulfasalzine cbc, wbc, lft prior to, and at every 2nd weekd during the 1st 3 months of therapy, the montly x 3months, then once every 3 months
How to monitor pts takin methotrexate cc, albumin, creatinine, and LFA at baseline and then monthly x 6 months and then every 1-2 months
Preg Category for hydroxyChloroquine c
Preg Category for methotreXate X
Preg Cat for sulfasalazine B
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