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Climate and Weather

Patterns of Australia's Climate and Weather?

One reason for why Australia is so dry? Flatness of Australia's Continent, therfore less rainfall tends to occur. - Moist air from sea meets mountains, forced to rise with rain falling on the coastal side and not on dry side (rainshadow).
Reason two for why Australia is so dry? Cold ocean currents off West Coast of Australia, less rain. - Cool air - Dry air, therfore little rain enters from the west.
Reason three for why Australia is so dry? Due to Australia's location, an area of a high pressure system occurs over it, (hence why most parts of Australia is dry/sunny).
Reason four for why Australia is so dry? Australia's compact shape, no significant bodies of water enter very far inland. Moist winds are therfore prevented from going inland, and in turn less rainfall.
Weather normally associated with low pressure systems? Strong winds, cloudy skies, rain.
Weather normally associated with high pressure systems? Light winds, dry air, clear skies, hot days ans cool nights in Summer.
The rhyme for which way the wind blows? Anticyclone, anti-clockwise. Out of highs and into lows. That's the way the wind blows.
Why does Australia have distinctive weather patterns and what are they dependant on? Distinctive because they're influenced by seasonal changes (from Summer to Winter). They're dependant on: - latitude (distance from equator) - altitude (height from sea level) - ocean influences
Created by: alyssarey