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Physical Australia

Physical Characteristics That Make Australia Unique

Major landforms in Australia? The Three Sisters. Ulurur. Mt. Kosciuszko The Twelve Apostles. The Murrary River. The Great Barrier Reef.
Major drainage basins in Australia? Murrary-Darling Basin. Lake Eyre Basin
What is a drainage basin? An area of land where surface water (from rain, melting ice, etc.) converge to a single point, where the waters join another waterboy such as a river, lake, sea, ocean, wetland.
What are the 4 landform regions of Australia? Eastern Highland, Coastal Plains, Central Lowland, Western Plateau.
What is the highest mountain in Australia? Mt. Kosciuszko
Describe the Murray-Darling Basin in means to do with being a major drainage basin. Most important agricultural region: - Supplies 1/3 of agricultural production for Aus. - Variety of climate conditions, versatile for farming. - Home for unique flora and fauns, some endangered.
Where is Australia located? It lies between the Indian and Pacific Ocean in the Southern Hemisphere. Latitude: 10°41'S and 43°39'S. Longitude: 113°09'E and 153°39'E.
Size of Australia. - 6th Largest country in the world. - Coastline: 36 735km long, extremely difficult from stopping illegal immigrants and smuggling of illegal goods to Aus.
Shape of Australia. No significant water bodies heading very far inland. - Minimal number of water extending inland results in dry conditions across country. - More inland, less rainfall.
Australia's surrounding countries? New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Solomon Islands.
Created by: alyssarey