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Ch 12-Personality

What is a person's UNIQUE pattern of THINKING, emotion, and behavior? Personality
What is the CONSISTENCY of who you are, have been, and will become? Personality
What are personal CHARACTERISTICS that have been JUDGED or EVALUATED and can be DESIRABLE or UNDESIRABLE qualities? Character
What are HEREDITARY aspects of personality, including sensitivity, moods,irritability, and distractibility? Temperament
What are STABLE qualities that a person shows in most situations that is used to PREDICT future behavior? Personality
How valid is it to speak of personality "types"? Rating people on a list of traits tends to be more informative that classifying them into two or three types.
What is the name of the Swiss Psychiatrist who was a Freudian disciple that believed we were one of two personality types? Carl Jung
Which personality type is Shy, self-centered person whose attention is focused inward? Introvert
Which personality type is Bold, outgoing person whose attention is directed outward? Extrovert
What are YOUR ideas, perceptions, and feelings about who you are called? Self-Concept
What is a specific evaluation called? Domain?
What is it called when people have several traits in common? (ex-athletic type, studious type, punk rocker type)? Personality Type
What is a positive evaluation of oneself? (Regards oneself as worthy) High Self Esteem
What is a negative self evaluation? (Insecure, lacks confidence)? Low Self Esteem
What is a SYSTEM of concepts, assumptions, ideas, and principles proposed to explain personality? Personality Theory
What are the FOUR personality theory perspectives Trait Theories Psychodynamic Theories Behavioristic Theories & Social Learning Theories Humanistic Theories
Which 2 Theories focus on EXTERNAL environment and on effects of conditioning and learning? Behavioristic & Social Learning Theories
What theory is the attempt to learn what trait makes up personality and how they relate to actual behavior? Trait Theory
Who analyzes, classifies, and interrelates traits to better understand personality? Trait Theorists
Trait theorists often think of traits as _____________________________ & ___________________________. Biological predispositions & Hereditary readiness of humans to behave in particular ways.
What traits are Characteristics that are shared by most members of a culture? (America-competitiveness)? Common Traits
What trait defines a person's unique personal qualities? Individual Traits
Which trait is so basic that all of a person's activities can be traced back to the trait? (Mother Teresa-compassion)? Cardinal Traits
What trait is core qualities of a personality? Central Traits
What trait is INCONSISTENT or superficial aspects of a person (political opinions, clothing style, etc.) Secondary Traits
How many terms were found in the dictionary that were related to personality traits? 18,000
What type of trait is features that make up the visible features of personality? Surface Traits
Which type of trait deals with UNDERLYING characteristics of a personality? Source Traits
What is a statistical technique used to correlate multiple measurements and identify general underlying factors? Factor Analysis
Who created the 16PF(Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire), Personality Test? Raymond Cattell
What gives a "picture" of an individual's personality? Trait Profile
What is the graph of the scores on several personality traits called? Trait Profile
What is the Acronym for Big Five? O C E A N
What does the O stand for in O C E A N? Openness to Experience
What does the C stand for in O C E A N? Conscientiousness
What does the E stand for in O C E A N? Extroversion
What does the A stand for in O C E A N? Agreeableness
What does the N stand for in O C E A N? Neuroticism
What is the degree to which a person is introverted or extroverted? Extroversion
What is the act of how friendly, nurturant, and caring a person is opposed to cold, indifferent, self-centered, or spiteful? Agreeableness
What is the act of how self-disciplined, responsible, and achieving a person is, as oppose to irresponsible, careless, and undependable Conscientiousness
What is the degree to which a person experiences negative, upsetting emotions? Neuroticism
What is the degree to which a person is intelligent and open to new ideas? Openness to Experience
Who is the Father of the Psychoanalytic Theory? Sigmund Freud
Who was a Vietnamese Physician that thought his patients' problems were more emotional that physical? Sigmund Freud
What is Psyche? Freud's term for personality
Freud's term for personality contains what? (3 words) id, ego, and superego
What is the primitive part of personality that remains unconscious, supplies energy, and demands pleasure? The Id
How does the Id operate? It operates via Pleasure principle
What wishes to have its desires (pleasurable) satisfied without waiting and regardless of the consequences? Pleasure Principle
What is Self-serving and irrational? The Id
What powers the Psyche with Libido(ENERGY) flowing from both a life instincts(eros) and a death(aggression) instinct(thanatos)? The Id
What is the executive part of personality that directs rational behavior? The Ego
What directs Id energies? Executive
How does the Ego operate? It operates via reality principle
What delays action until it is practical and/or appropriate? Reality Principle
What is partially conscious and partially unconscious? The Ego
What is a JUDGE or censor for thoughts and actions? The Superego
Superego comes from _________ or __________ Our parents or caregivers
Where does guilt come from? Superego
What reflects actions for which a person has been punished? Conscience
What reflects behavior one's parents approved of or rewarded? Ego Ideal
What is it call when the mind holds repressed memories and emotions and the id's instinctual drives? Unconscious
What is it called when you are aware of everything at a given moment including thoughts, perceptions, feelings, and memories? Conscious
What is material that can easily be brought into awareness? Preconscious
What deals with anxiety by tricking the ego to push unpleasant things → Unconscious Defense Mechanism
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