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Socials Exam

Who is the founder of the ECMA's? Rob Cohn
what year did the ECMA's start? 1990
How Do the ECMA's publisize the singers? By presenting them with awards and showing how good of a singer or artist they are on live TV.
The Definition of Folk Art Work or art created by artists who receive no formal training.
who is one folk artists? Maud Lewis
who painted the picture titled , Resettlement? Gerald Squires.
Who publisized anne of green gables? Lucy Maud Montgomery
What are some spin offs of anne of green gables Ann china, dolls, diaries, and strw hats.
Who was the first acadian Govenor General? Romeo Leblanc
Who is Allan Syliboy? He drwas petroglyphs (rock drawings)
What is the acadian Slogan? In unity there is strength.
What is the municipal Government? they take care of the county or municipality. They do garbage collection, fire protection services street cleaning and maintnencaes etc.
Provincial Government They take care of education, hospitals, health care etc.
Federal Government They take care of defense, international trade, banking etc.
who is our MP Mark Eyking
Who is our MLA Keith Bain
who is our Municipal leader? Wayne Budge
how much did it cost to relocate people from Africville? $765 000
What year di WWII start and end? 1939-1945
what is the difinition of racisim the beleif that persons abilitie, personality, and values arre influenced by race, colour, or ethnic origin.
what is the definition of discrimination to treat a person unfairley based simply on the fact that they are teenagers.
Where was Rita Joe born and when? Whycocomagh Cape Breton in 1932.
Why did Rita Jow put herself into a residential school? to get away from the foster homes.
What residential school did Rita Joe put herself in to? Shubenacadie Residential School.
What is Rita Joe's poem, "I Lost My Talk" about? She talks about how they didn't let her talk her language and celebrate her traditions in the residential school.
Who is Rita Joe? A Mi'kmaq poet who wrote about what they made her do in the residential schools.
What is Satire? To use sarcasm or wit to expose the silly or illogical things that people say or do.
What is Canadas immagration policy? Each immagrant has to pay $950 and anyone who can't will get admitted but will eventually have to pay the fee in installments once they arrive in Canada.
Created by: mcintyre