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Review Questions

Essentials of Radiation Biology and Protection 2nd Edition Chapter 1

States that ionizing radiation is more effective against cells which are highly mitotic, immature, and have a long dividing future. Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau
Cell that is unable to continue repeated divisions after being irradiated. Reproductive Failure
The unit for absorbed dose. Rad
Division of biology concerned with effects of ionizing radiation on living things. Radiobiology
Hair loss. Epilation
The splitting of radiation into smaller amounts over a period of time. Fractionation
A result of ionization and excitation, an interaction that happens directly on a critical biologic macromolecule Direct Effect
Reddening of the skin Erythema
A cell interaction that occurs when the initial ionizing incident takes place on a distant noncritical molecule, which then transfers the ionization of energy to another molecule Indirect Effect
The causing of genetic mutation by radiation Mutagenesis
The capability of a material to give off rays or particles from its nucleus Radioactivity
The unit of dose equivalent or occupational exposure rem
A unit of radiation exposure descriptive of x- or gamma radiation, the quantity of which would produce a charge Roentgen
The Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau states: That stem cells are more radiosensitive than mature cells
What is the unit of dose equivalent or occupational exposure? rem
What is very radiosensitive? A fetus
The unit of radiation quantity is: Roentgen
Which researcher discovered mutations related to exposure to ionizing radiation? Muller
Radiation-induced skin reddening is the definition of: Erythema
Which researcher died due to cumulative effcts of radiation? Clarence Dally
Created by: Dallas1856