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Chapter 1 Quiz

Essentials of Radiation Biology and Protection 2nd Edition

What is the branch of science concerned with the methods of interaction adn teh effects of ionizing radiation on living systems? Radiobiology
Who is credited with the discovery of x-rays in 1895? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Who is credited with the observance of rays being given off by a uranium-coating substance in 1896? Antoine Henri Becquerel
Who is credited with the discovery of radium in 1898? Pierre adn Marie Curie
Who was the assistant to Thomas Edison, who died of complications from exposure to radiation? Clarence Dally
Who, in 1906 observed the effect of radiation by exposing rodent testicles to x-rays? Bergonie and Tribondeau
Who, in 1925 observed the effects of radiation by exposing mammals to x-rays? Ancel and Vitemberger
Who, in the 1920's observed the effects of radiation by exposing sheep testicles to x-rays? Regaud
Who, in 1927 observed the effects of radiation by exposing fruit flies to x-rays? Muller
Who, in the 1940's observed the effects of radiation in the presence of oxygen? Rick
Who, in 1946 did research on the hydrolysis of water? Lea
Who, in 1956 observed the effects of radiation by exposing human uterine cervix cells to x-rays? Puck and Marcus
Regaud discovered that if original doses were broken up into smaller doses spread out over a period of time, animals would become sterile, but with considerably less damage to their skin. This is known as: Fractionation Theory
Muller discovered that radiation-induced mutations were the same as those produced in nature. This is known as: Mutagenesis
Rick discovered that oxygen increases the cell-killing effect of a given dose of radiation. This is known as: Oxygen Effect
Lea discoverd that hydrolysis of water resulted in free radical formation. This is known as: Mechanism of Indirect Action
The Law of Bergonie infers: Stem cells are more radiosensitive than mature cells
What is the measure of the ionizationof aire created by x- and gamma-radiation? Roentgen(R)
What describes the energy that is absorbed in matter from any type of ionizing radiation, and is considered to unit of absorbed dose? rad
What is the unit fo dose equivalent or occupational exposure? rem
What is the SI unit for Roentgen(R)? Coulomb per Kilogram(c/Kg)
What is the SI unit for rad? Gray(Gy)
What is the SI unit for rem? Sievert(Sv)
What is the SI unit for curie? becquerel
What is the current annual effective dose limit for occupational exposure? 5 rem
Created by: Dallas1856