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Canada questions

Unit Three Review Social Studies

15. Who were the first humans to arrive in North America and how did they get to North America? The Inuit by crossing a landbridge
16. What was the name of the French Explorer who established the first permanent settlement in Canada? Samuel de Champlain
17. What was the war fought between the British and the French? Who won this war and what was the result? The French and Indian War The British won and resulted in their being in control of former French lands
What did England pass in 1774 for Canada and what did it do? Quebec Act- allowed the French to keep their language and laws
Why didn’t the people of Canada revolt against England in 1776? Because they believed that they would be ruled fairly after the Quebec Act
What is the British North American Act of 1867? It created the Dominion of Canada making it a self-governing nation
What was the role of the British in the government after Canada became a dominion? It still controlled foreign affairs
What happened to Canada in 1982? Canada’s Independence was complete it received total authority to govern
How many provinces and territories does Canada have? 10 provinces 3 territories
What is the major difference between a province and a territory? Provinces are able to vote to make changes to the constitution
What are the official languages of Canada? French and English
26. Who do the citizens vote for in Canada’s national government? House of Commons
Who is the chief executive of Canada? Prime Minister
What is the Cabinet? Group of people who advise the Prime Minister
The St. Lawrence River connects what two bodies of water? The Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
What was the main economic activity of the Atlantic Region in the past? Fishing
Describe the St. Lawrence lowlands Very small region that includes southern tips of Ontario and Quebec. 50% of population
the Prairie Plains region is also known as Canada's breadbasket
What is the largest city in Canada? Toronto
Much of Canada's wealth comes from? its wide range of natural resources
Created by: nknott