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Technology - Unit 5, Lesson 1

Air Foil A surface designed to contribute to the control of an object in flight
Application Putting an object, system or procedure into use or practice
Chemical Energy associated with the composition of a substance.
Distance a measurement between two objects or points, in any direction, including three-dimensional space
Driving a force that pushes or propels an object, component or system
Elastic Energy It is associated with the stretching or compressing of an elastic object.
Electrical energy It is associated with an electric current in a circuit.
Energy the ability to do work
First Class Lever A lever with a pivot point (fulcrum) in the middle, between the input and output forces
Force A type of exertion on an object or system due to the interaction with another object, system or human
Fulcrum the pivot point of a lever
Gravitational Energy It is associated with the height of an object above a reference point.
Inclined Plane A type of simple machine used to change the height of an object by rolling or sliding, as in a ramp
Lever A simple machine comprised of a bar with a pivot around a point. At point A, a force is applied, using the pivot at B to provide force at point C.
Light Energy It is associated with the frequency of electromagnetic waves.
Motion energy It is associated with the speed of an object.
Power Systems A system of components used to complete a specific rate of work in a given time
Power The rate of work done over time, P=W/t with P=power, W=work and t = time. An example of power is mph - miles per hour, the amount of power needed to travel a certain number of miles in an hour.
Propulsion a force that moves an object forward
Pulley a type of simple machine that incorporates a rimmed wheel which holds a line and can turn within a frame to change the direction of a force
Rate A speed or pace, as compared to the overall total
Screw A simple machine that incorporates an inclined plane wrapped around a central pole
Second Class Lever A lever that has the output force or load between the fulcrum and input force
Thermal Energy It is associated with the temperature of an object.
Third Class Lever A lever that has the input force between the output force and the fulcrum.
Wedge A simple machine similar to the inclined plane, but intended to push objects apart
Wheel and Axle A wheel with a central rod or axle that turns, allowing the wheel to turn
Work Activity completed in order to achieve a specific purpose or result
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