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Response to Patients

Patient Care in Radiography 8th Edition Chapter 10

It is important to check the patient chart for I&O orders when the patients: Request A Drink of Water
When emptying a urinary collection bag it is important to: Wear protective gloves, measure the quantity emptied, Record the quantity in the chart
Which of the following positions is considered safe for a patient who is nauseated and may vomit? Lateral Recumbent
The definition of decubitus ulcers is: Tissue death due to lack of adequate circulation
What is the name of the position in which the patient is lying supine with the head lower then than the feet? Trendelenburg
The term for loss of bladder or bowel control is: Incontinence
It is most comfortable for a patient with abdominal pain to be positioned: In the semi-Fowlers position, and With a bolster under the knees
A physician's order is legally required in order to: Use wrist and ankle straps to secure a patient to the bed
Periosteal reaction from repeated bruising of the bone is visible radiographically and is a sign leading to suspicion of: Nonaccidental Trauma
What sings should raise concern about the possibility of elder abuse? Bruises, Abrasions, or Burns
Created by: Dallas1856