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Patient Care in Radiography 8th Edition Chapter 7

The most likely cause of a fire in an imaging department is: An Electrical Problem
The federal Agency governing workplace safety in the United States: Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)
What are typical components of a spill kit: Nitrile Gloves, Kitty Litter, Plastic Bags
What are the responsibilities of the radiographer in case of fire: Evacuate the immediate area, Report the fire using the proper procedure, Reassure patients so that they do not become alarmed
The most common types of worklace disabilities reported by healthcare workers are: Musculoskeletal Disorders
MSDS documents are likely to be needed in the event of: A Chemical Spill
The study of workplace injury prevention is: Ergonomics
Fire starts when three elements occur in teh same place at the same time. These three elements are: Oxygen, Excessive Heat, Fuel
Eighty percent of imaging technologists experience some form of work-related injury, usually in the form of RIMs and RSIs affecting the shoulder, arm, or wrist if their are of specialization is: Sonography
Stress due to repetitive motion, overreaching, or maintaining the same positions for long periods can cause: Microtrauma to Muscle Tissue
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