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Healthcare Delivery

Patient Care in Radiography 8th Edition Chapter 4

The only recognized professional society open to all radiologic technologists in the United States today: American Society of Radiologic Technologists(ASRT)
Fee-for-service-type health insurance is often appealing to patients because: The insurance company will reimburse the patient for covered costs, The patient does not have to pay the cost above what is covered by insurance, Patients can seek care from their choice of physicians and hospitals
The nationwide increase in patient visits to the emergency department is principally due to: Inability of patients to obtain low-cost health insurance
Medicare Advantage Plans help to cover healthcare costs for: Seniors over the age of 65
The day-to-day scheduling of staff in the radiography department is the responsibility of: The Lead Radiographer or Manager
A pulmonologist who practices exclusively in a hospital intensive care unit may be referred to as: An Intensivist
Designated eligibility groups for Medicaid are recognized by the _____ alther the _____ regulates who falls within these eligibility groups State and Federal Governments; State Government
The "Practice Standards for Medical Imaging and RAdiation Therapy" may be used: To develop job descriptions and performance appraisals, and By a lawyer to determine negligence or malpractice
The ASRT has approximately how many members? 130,000-140,000
What criterion does The Joint Commission(the accrediting agency for hospitals) use to certify that a hospital meets certain minimum standards? Equipment, Saftey, Funding
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