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Intro to Radiography

Patient Care in Radiography 8th Edition Chapter 1

X-rays were discovered in 1895 in: Germany
The inventor of the hot cathode x-ray tube was: Coolidge
The majority of radiography education programs are based in: Colleges
A cassette containing a photostimulable phosphor plate is one form of of: Image Receptor(IR)
What are the basic requirements for the production of x-rays? A Vacuum, A Source of Electrons, A Target
When fast-moving electrons collide with the target of an x-ray tube, the kinetic energy of their motion is converted into x-rays and: Heat
In electromagnetic energy, what normally has the shortest wave length? Gamma Rays
Three characteristics Rontgen discovered about x-rays: They can penetrate matter that is impenetrable to light, They have an exposure effect on phtographic emulsions, They cannot be detected by the human senses
The characteristic most often used to describe the energy of an x-ray beam is: Wave Length
An x-ray beam that has been attenuated by matter is called: Remnant Radiation
A device used to indicate the location of the radiation field and to control its size is called a: Collimator
An x-ray machine that permits viewing of the x-ray image in motion in real time is called: A Fluoroscope
Created by: Dallas1856