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Odyssey Characters

Nestor King of Pylos, the great charioteer
Menelaus Red Haired King of Sparta, married to Helen
Helen The Face that launches 1,000 ships
Achilles Famed Greek Warrior
Hermes Messenger of the Gods, works in coordination with Athena
Athena "Grey Eyed Goddess of War" Guide for Odysseus
Zeus God of Gods and God of lightning
Poseidon God of Water, Vengeful and angry
Proteus Minor God
Antinoos Aggressive suitor, hits Odysseus with a stool, shot w/ an arrow through throat, 1st one to die
Euymakhos suitor, 2nd man killed with an arrow, more reasonable than Antinoos
Iros Beggar who fights Odysseus
Melantho Maid with a relationship with Odysseus and his family sleeps w/ suitors and is hanged.
Eumaios Swineherd, helps Odysseus get his revenge
Melanthios Goatish goatherd, last one killed for being rude to Odysseus
Calypso Demigod who sleeps with Odysseus for 7-8 years, angry with Gods
Circe Evil @ 1st (turns men into swine) but then is nice and sleeps with Odysseus for 1 year
Elpenor One of Odysseus men, falls off ship, meets Odysseus in the Underworld
Alkinoos king of Paikans, Nausikaa's father, shows hospitality to Odysseus but, is punished for it
Nausikaa Pretty maiden who helps Odysseus when he washes ashore
Eurylochus One of Odysseus's men who blames him for deaths but then eats Helios' beeves
Laertes Odysseus' father
Pesistratos Nestor's son, helps Telemachus
Theoklymenos seer, murderer that killed his cousin, sails with Telemachus
Polyphemos A kyklop
Eurykleia Faithful nurse of Odysseus and Penelope
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