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Test Review Question

Psych Exam 1- Quiz 2

How does the neuron work • Dendrites transmits message toward the cell body. However, action potentials travel in one direction; when the cell body signals the cell to fire an action potential, it is generated at the axon hillock and travels down the axon until it reaches the axo
What two things are believed to be the cause of depression. Low levels of serotonin and norepinephrine
autonomic nervous system controls involuntary functions such as bladder contractions, heartbeat and breathing.
Someone with a severed spinal cord has no genital sensations but is still capable of achieving an erection
What is the spinal cord responsible for responsible for controlling reflexes while
What is the Brain responsible for for interpreting sensations
What are PET scans used for useful for detecting brain areas that are active when a person preforms various tasks
Damage to the Cerebellum can cause what results in an inability to walk in a smooth and coordinated manner
Damage to the medulla can result in what is life-threatening as it controls basic life functions such as breathing and heartbeat.
What is the reticular formation responsible for both sleep and wakefullness
What is the oldest part of the brain brainstem
What does the amygdala control aggression and fear and adding emotion to memory (specifically fear and anxiety)
When images are flashed to the right visual field, where is projected left hemisphere
What does the left hemisphere control language and speech
When images are flashed to the left visual field, where is projected the right hemisphere
What does the right hemisphere control non-verbal functions
What does damage to the frontal lobe cause produces mood and personality changes
What are Endorphins are neurotransmitters that have the same chemical properties as opiates like heroin and are linked to pain control.
What is the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for slowing heart rate and respiration as well as restoring homeostasis in the body.
What are finger-like projections that receive messages from sensory receptors or other neurons. Dendrites
What is the all-or-none law states that a neuron fires or it doesn't
Action potential will only be fired when.. the amount of excitatory minus the amount of inhibitory stimulation exceeds a certain threshold
What is an example of plasticity Changes in the amount of cortical area due to practice
Where do neurotransmitters carry messages from pre- to post-synaptic cells by crossing the snyaptic gap
What is the synaptic gap The gap between the pre- and post-synaptic gap where neurotransmitter carry messages
What happens when the electrical potential of the cell changes from -70 millivolts to +40 millivolts. the neuron fires an action
What two things help speed up conduction of neural impulses myelin sheath and nodes of Ranvier
What causes Multiple Sclerosis Degradation of Mylien Sheath
What is the sympathetic nervous system produce The increase in heart rate and respiration as well as butterflies in your stomach associated with anxiety
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are what are medications that treat depression by blocking the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the synapse.
What are sensory neuron carry messages from the sense organs (i.e., skin, ears, eyes, etc) to the brain
What do motor neurons do carry messages from the brain to the internal organs and skeletal muscles.
Created by: julshock