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Mana 4345 ch 6 quiz

test like questions for ecommerce 2012 8/e

Netflix has used what tactics to build its brand: eliminating late fees, adding customer value through the library effect, offering a recommender system
What activities is the one engaged in by the most online users? Using e-mail.
On a typical day, approximately ________ percent of adult users in the United States logs on to the Internet. 77%
Which age groups has the highest percentage of Internet access in 2011? 18 – 29
Which of the following age groups had the lowest percentage of Internet access in 2011? 65+
In 2011, what was the Internet penetration rate for households that had household income of over $75,000? 96%
What about the broadband audience is compared to the dial up audience? It is clearly different, It is more educated and wealthier, It is more middle-aged
A person's profession or occupation is part of their: direct reference group.
What are examples of an indirect reference group? social class, life-cycle stage, lifestyle group
A(n) ________ profile describes an individual's set of needs, drives, motivations, perceptions and learned behaviors. psychological
What is the top reason that consumers shop on the Web rather than through other channels? 24 hr shopping convience
According to a study by the Wharton Forum on Electronic Commerce, what is the most important factor in predicting online buying behavior? Looking for product information online
"Shoppers" constitute approximately ________ percent of the online Internet audience. 88%
Small ticket item sales outnumbered large ticket item sales during the early days of e-commerce for what reasons: purchase price was low, items were physically small, selection was broad, margins were high
What is the top concern of Internet users about purchasing online? “trust factor” and/or want to see and touch before buying
What are examples of a commodity? oil, corn, gold
In discussing a product's feature set, the term actual product refers to: the set of characteristics designed to deliver the product's core benefits.
What are parts of an augmented product's feature set? installation, warranty, after-sale support, Credit, Delivery Terms
According to Interbrand's 2012 World's Most Valuable Brands survey, the most valuable brand in the world is: Coca-Cola ($77.8B) with Apple a close 2nd ($76.6B)
What types of online market segmentation and targeting involves using age, ethnicity, religion, etc.? demographic
What types of online market segmentation and targeting involves using consumers' explicitly expressed interest to segment and target? search
What types of online market segmentation and targeting involves tracking the actions users take on a Web site? behavioral
What are some facts about brands? Brands lower customer acquisition costs and increase customer retention, Brands create micro-monopolies, Brands reduce consumer risk and uncertainty in a crowded marketplace.
The set of plans for differentiating a product and communicating the differences effectively to the marketplace is called: brand strategy
In regards to Price Dispersion there can be large differences in price sensitivity for the same products depending on the seller and: price dispersion is less for commodities than for differentiated products, online prices have been increasing relative to offline prices
What are the Internet's impact on marketing: broadened the scope of marketing communications, increased the richness of marketing communications, expanded the information density of the marketplace
What features of e-commerce technology has reduced the cost of delivering marketing messages and receiving feedback from users? universal standards
What features of e-commerce technology allows fine-grained, highly detailed information on consumers' real-time behavior to be gathered and analyzed? information density
The richness made possible by e-commerce technologies does what: It allows video, audio, and text to be integrated into a single marketing message and consuming experience.
For a Web site that has 1 million visitors a month, and where on average, a visitor makes 15 page requests per visit, there will be ________ entries in the transaction log each month. 15 million
The data typically stored in cookies includes a unique ID, e-mail address and path, and security setting other facts are can be used with Web bugs to create cross-site profiles of users and, cookies make shopping carts possible by allowing a site to keep track of a user's actions.
Which of the following examples illustrates the "Long Tail" phenomenon? 50% of Netflix's 100,000 titles are rented at least once a day by someone.
________ is an industry-standard database query and manipulation language. Structured query language (SQL)
The idea that people classify themselves into "affinity groups" is central to which of the following data mining techniques? collaborative filtering
A ________ is a repository of customer information that records all of the contacts that a customer has with a firm and generates a customer profile available to everyone in the firm with a need to know the customer. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
REI used what market entry strategies? brand extender
________ is/are a key component of permission marketing. E-mail
What are attributes of personalized marketing: targeting of individuals, suitable for highly complex products, unique price
The Nike iD program is an example of which of the following marketing techniques? customer co-production
LivePerson is an example of a(n): real-time customer service chat system
The incremental cost of building the next unit of a good is called the: marginal cost
What sre some facts about a free pricing strategy: Free products and services can help build market awareness, It is difficult to convert free customers into paying customers, Free products and services can knock out potential and actual competitors.
What are some fixed price strategies: bundling, versioning, & free pricing
What are some Dynamic Pricing strategies: auctions, yield management, flash marketing
Creating multiple variations of information goods and selling these to different market segments at different prices is called ________. versioning
Created by: romoore245
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