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Mana 4345 ch 5 quiz

test like questions from ecommerce 2012 8/e

Most complaints to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2010 involved: non-delivery of payment/merchandise
The Computer Security Institute reported in its 2010 survey that approximately ________ percent of responding organizations detected breaches of computer security within the previous 12 months. 46%
What types of Internet fraud resulted in the highest loss per incident according to the IC3? non-delivery
What is the most common type of attack against computer systems? Malware infection
The research firm Cybersource estimates online credit card fraud in the United States amounted to approximately ________ in 2010. $2.7 billion
The overall rate of online credit card fraud is about ________ percent of all online card transactions. .9%
The six key dimensions to e-commerce security are: nonrepudiation, authenticity, availability, integrity, privacy, and: confidentiality.
________ refers to the ability to ensure that e-commerce participants do not deny their online actions. Nonrepudiation
What is an example of an integrity violation of e-commerce security? An unauthorized person intercepts an online communication and changes its contents
________ refers to the ability to identify the person or entity with whom you are dealing on the Internet. Authenticity
________ refers to the ability to ensure that an e-commerce site continues to function as intended. Availability
What are some key points of vulnerability when dealing with e-commerce? internet communications, servers, and clients
What are some file types most likely to be infected by a file-infecting virus: .exe, .dll, and .drv
What are some file types likely to be infected by a macro virus: .doc, .xls, and .ppt.
The Slammer worm targeted a known vulnerability in: Microsoft SQL Server database software.
Botnets are used for many activities including: sending spam, DDoS attacks, stealing information, and storing network traffic for later analysis
Netsky.P is an example of a: worm/Trojan horse.
Software that is used to obtain private user information such as user's keystrokes or copies of e-mail is referred to as: spyware
What is the most frequent cause of stolen credit cards and card information today? systematic hacking and looting of corporate servers
What dimension(s) of security is(are) spoofing a threat to? integrity and authenticity
Examples of malicious code include: viruses, bots, worms.
Symmetric key encryption is also known as: secret key encryption
With symmetric key encryption both the sender and the receiver use the same key to encrypt and decrypt a message
The Data Encryption Standard uses a(n) ________-bit key. 56
public key encryption uses: two mathematically related digital keys, public key encryption is based on the idea of irreversible mathematical functions. public key encryption does not ensure message integrity
If you used a symmetric key encryption for large documents, with public key encryption to encrypt and send the symmetric key, you would be using a digital: envelope.
the acronym PKI stands for public key infrastructure what are some additional facts about PKI: the term PKI refers to the certification authorities and digital certificate procedures that are accepted by all parties, is not effective against insiders who have a legitimate access to corporate systems including customer information
A digital certificate contains: subject's public key, digital certificate serial number, digital signature of the certification authority
SSL is available in what levels? 40-bit and 128-bit
What are methods of securing channels of communication: Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
A ________ is hardware or software that acts as a filter to prevent unwanted packets from entering a network. firewall
What are used for authentication: digital signatures, certificates of authority, biometric devices
Proxy servers are also known as: dual home systems
What is the first step in developing an e-commerce security plan? Perform a risk assessment.
What are examples of access controls? Firewalls, proxy servers, login procedures
What is the last step in developing an e-commerce security plan? Perform a security audit.
________ is a private organization that monitors and tracks online criminal activity reported to it by private corporations and government agencies. CERT Coordination Center
What law makes DoS attacks illegal? National Information Infrastructure Protection Act
What are features of cash: it is instantly convertible into other forms of value without intermediation, it requires no authentication, it is anonymous.
The most common payment system based on the number of transactions is: cash.
P2P payment systems are a variation on what type of payment system? (Peer-to-peer) stored value payment system i.e. PayPal
What are the facts about debit cards: debit cards eliminate the need for consumers to write a paper check when making a purchase, debit cards do not have the protections provided by Regulation Z to credit cards, debit cards do not provide any float
What are examples of stored value payment systems: gift certificates, prepaid cards, smart cards, and debit cards
What payment systems offers immediate monetary value: stored value/debit card
What payment systems provide some security against unauthorized use: personal checks, debit cards, accumulating balance.
Both cash and personal checks share what characteristics? low fixed costs for merchant
What are limitations of the existing online credit card payment system: social equity, poor security, and cost to merchant
Which of the following is best suited for processing micropayments? digital accumulating balance payment system
Created by: romoore245
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