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Mana 4345 ch 3 quiz

test like questions from e-commerce, 2012, 8/e

During which period of time did the Innovation phase of Internet history take place? 1961 - 1974
What are the basic building blocks of the Internet? client/server computing, the TCP/IP communications protocol, packet-switching
Who invented Ethernet and local area networks? Bob Metcalfe
When was the Domain Name System introduced? 1984
The process of slicing digital messages into parcels, sending them along different communication paths as they become available, and reassembling them at the destination point is called: packet switching.
What is the core communications protocol for the Internet? TCP/IP
The Transport Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for what? providing communication with the application by acknowledging and sequencing the packets to and from the application
The Internet Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for what? addressing, packaging, and routing messages
The Network Interface Layer of TCP/IP is responsible for what? placing packets on and receiving them from the network medium
An IPv4 address is expressed as a: 32-bit number that appears as a series of four separate numbers separated by periods.
The natural language convention used to represent IP addresses is called the: domain name system.
The addresses used by browsers to identify the location of content on the Web are called: uniform resource locators (URL)
What is significant about client/server computing? It connects multiple powerful personal computers together in one network with one or more servers dedicated to common functions that they all need.
What are advantages of client/server computing over centralized mainframe computing? easy to expand capacity, less vulnerable load is balanced over many computers rather than concentrated in a single computer, There is less risk that a system will completely crash
________ is a model of computing in which firms and individuals obtain computing power and software applications over the Internet, rather than purchasing and installing it on their own computers. Cloud computing
What protocol is used to send mail to a server? SMTP
Where within TCP/IP does SSL operate? between the Transport Layer and the Application Layer
Where within TCP/IP does FTP run? in the Application Layer
________ is one of the original Internet protocols and is used to transfer files from a server computer to a client computer and vice versa. FTP
________ is a utility that you run from the DOS prompt in the Windows operating system in order to check the connection between your client and the server. Ping
What is the layer of the Internet architecture that is composed of the telecommunications networks and protocols ? Network Technology Substrate layer
TCP/IP operates in which layer of Internet architecture? Transport Services and Representation Standards layer
An Internet-enabled teleconferencing program would run in which layer of Internet architecture? Applications layer
The layer of the Internet architecture that ties the applications to the communications network and includes such services as security and authentication is called the: Middleware Services layer.
The backbone of the Internet is formed by: Network Service Providers (NSPs).
When talking about the physical elements of the Internet the term redundancy refers to: multiple duplicate devices and paths in a network built so that data can be rerouted if a breakdown occurs.
The "hubs" where the backbone owners connect with one another are called: Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).
Local area networks that operate within a single organization that leases access to the Web from regional and national carriers are called: campus area networks.
The ________ is the organization that sets HTML and other programming standards. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
The ________ helps define the overall structure of the Internet. Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
What are some limitations of Internet I? HTML, limited bandwidth, architectural restrictions
What are major goals of the Internet2® project? creating a leading edge network capability for the research community, ensuring the rapid transfer of new network services and applications to the broader Internet community, enabling revolutionary new Internet applications
________ is a mobile communications system widely used in Europe and Asia that uses narrowband TDMA. Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
HDTV Internet applications would require what level of bandwidth to the home? BigBand
The major technologies used with wireless local area networks are: Wi-Fi standard and Bluetooth.
Which of the following is a short-range, low power wireless network technology useful for remotely controlling industrial, medical and home automation devices? ZigBee
Which of the following is a high-speed, medium-range, broadband wireless metropolitan area network? WiMax
The set of technologies that enables efficient delivery of data to many locations on a network is called: IP multicasting.
The first Web browser to make it possible to view documents on the Web with colored background, images, and animations was: Mosaic.
In the address, what is the top-level domain? .com
What services would you expect to find in a Web server software package? security services, FTP, data capture, search engine
According to the textbook what is currently the second most popular Web browser? Firefox
What is a Web application that enables Internet users to communicate with each other, although not in real time? online forum
Software programs that gather and/or filter information on the Internet on a specific topic and provide a list of the results may be called: bots, software robots, or intelligent agents
A ________ is software that allows users to have digital content automatically sent to their computers over the Internet. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
A(n) ________ is a Web application that allows a user to easily add and edit content on a Web page. wiki
The protocol that enables the transmission of voice and other forms of audio communication over the Internet is called: VoIP
Which of the following Internet telephony firms is owned by eBay? Skype
You could most easily add personalized, interactive content to your Web page by incorporating a: widget
Created by: romoore245
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