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Age of Reason

history, facts, and definitions of the age of reason in literature

Which 17th century thinkers valued reason over faith? Galileo, Newton, Voltaire, Rousseau, & John Locke
Who came up with the noble savage theory? Rousseau
What is the noble savage theory? man, in his natural state and without being touched by society, is noble
Who believed in blank slate (tabula rasa) of man? John Locke
What was the view of the 17th century thinkers about reason and science? these would further human progress
What major shift happened about the good/evil of people in nature? belief that people are good by nature, not evil
What were the most important pieces of literature in the Age of Reason? political documents, speeches, pamphlets
During the Age of Reason, which was more influential, nonfiction or fiction? nonfiction
What political documents might be part of the Age of Reason (Revolutionary Period)? The Declaration of Independence (political document), Thomas Paine's The Crisis (pamphlet), Autobiobraphy of Benjamin Franklin, Phillis Wheatley "To His Excellency, General Washington" (poem)
What is the Age of Reason? movement marked by an emphasis on rationality rather than tradition, scientific inquiry rather than unquestioning religious dogma, and representative government in place of monarchy
What are some important writers in the Age of Reason? Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, and our Founding Fathers
How did Thomas Paine try to engage people of all classes in the struggle for American independence and for a rejection of government based on hereditary monarchy? using plain-style language
What did Thomas Paine exert considerable influence on? freedom and the new nation's emerging political philosophy
Who wrote the 1st of the American Crisis letter pamphlets? Thomas Paine
What is another word for maxim? aphorism
What is a maxim? short saying of wisdom
Who wrote a lot of maxims? Benjamin Franklin
What was Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography filled with? Benjamin Franklin's opinions and suggestions
What did Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography provide? a record of Benjamin Franklin's achievements & an understanding of character
What did the Puritans believe about man? naturally has sin and moral wickedness
What are 3 characteristics of the Age of Reason? belief that power of reason and science further human progress, people are by nature good, & nonfiction is more influential than fiction
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