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Chapter 52 - Geog

Peat Bogs

What type of Resource is Peat Non Renewable
2 types of bogs Raised and Blanket
Raised Bog Flat and deep bogs
4 steps to extracting peat 1.Prepare peat 2.Harvest peat 3.Transport peat 4.Sell peat
Preparing Bog Ditcher drains water from bog and Grader levels it.
Harvesting Bog Miller cuts peat off surface and break it into tiny pieces. These are left to dry, then gathered into ridges
Transporting Peat Each Bord na Mona bog has its own railway line with special turf trains to carry peat away.
Monofilament net A net that is see through
Irish fishery protection An agency that helps reduce overfishing
Conservation box An area that can not be used for fishing at certain times of the year
Quotas A limit on the amount of fish you can catch
Supertrawlers Ships that have factories on board and can be out at sea for months at a time. They have on board refridgerators
Atlantic Dawn in Killybegs An example of a Supertrawler.
Example of a heavy industry Auganuish Alumina
Example of a light Industry Intel
Two factors that a good for the location of industry Transport links and Labour force
An input into Aganuish Alumia Bauxite
Main market for Aganuish Alumina Scandinavia and UK
A tax the government puts on profits Corporation tax
What agency provides grants for new businesses in Ireland Industrial Development Authority
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