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Occupational Health & Safety

Occupational Health & Safety-QOccupational Health & Safety-A
Alcoholism & drug addiction Are disabilities
Assessable earnings Gross earnings of all full-time, part-time & casual employees as well as unregistered contractors & shareholders
Base Rate Industry group compensation rating
Bill C-45 Legislation that puts the spotlight on corporate decision-makers & makes it easier to criminally convict corporate leaders for their actions
Causes of accidents Chance occurrences that are beyond the control of the worker or management; unsafe conditions that include: the job itself, the work schedule, the psychological climate etc. & unsafe acts on the part of employees
Compressed gas Includes dissolved gases & gases liquefied by compression or refrigeration. Examples: gas cylinders for oxyacetylene welding or water disinfections
Controlled products Six broad types, or classes, of hazardous materials...
Corrosive material Acid or caustic materials which bàn destroy the skin or eat through metals. Examples: muriatic acid, lye
Dangerously reactive material Products which can undergo dangerous reaction if subjected to heat, pressure, shock or allowed tp contact water. Examples: plastic monomers such as butadiene & some cyanides
Documentation Is essential to the overall success of a well-designed OH&S program & a due diligence requirement
Due diligence To take all reasonable care in the circumstances of the situation to protect the health & safety of workers
Experience rating Organization’s experience, as it relates to workers compensation premiums
Eustress A level of stress that energizes but does not wear someone out
Functional Abilities Evaluations An important part of a return-to-work program
Flammable material Solids, liquids & gases capable of catching fire or exploding in the presence of a source of ignition. Examples: white phosphorus, acetone & butane & liquids such as acetone are more easily ignited than combustible liquids such as kerosene
Frequency rate The numberof lost time injuries x 200,000/person-hours worked.
Harassment Includes the creation of a poisoned environment
Inexperienced workers In general, are involved in accidents at a higher rate than others
Incentives An issue around which there is no apparent consensus as to their effectiveness in improving safety performance
Insured costs Recognizable & relatively fixed, such as: WCB assessments, fire, vehicle, theft & damage insurance
Job safety analysis Involves the following steps: 1) select the job 2) break down the job into a sequence of steps 3) identify the hazards 4) determine preventive measures
Medical first aid & facilities Prescribed under health & safety legislation & include the following: location of 1st aid stations, identification of 1st aid attendants, procedures for injuries, provision of 1st aid training,procedure for recording injuries & work related illness.
Material Safety Data Sheet Essential element of WHMIS, required to include the following: product information, hazardous ingredients, physical data, fire & explosion hazard, reactivity data, toxicological properties, preventive & 1st aid measures, preparation info.
OH&S legislation Provides for the following worker rights: to know about occupational hazards to participate in decision-making around OH&S issues to refuse to perform work they have reasonable cause to consider dangerous
OH&S & worker’s compensation In most jurisdictions in Canada, these responsibilities have been consolidated into one agency
Oxidizing material Materials which provide oxygen or similar substances & which increase the risk of fire if they come into contact with flammable or combustible materials. Examples: sodium hypochlorite, perchloric acid, inorganic peroxides
PPE Personal protective equipment
Poisonous & infectious materials - Division 1 Materials causing immediate & serious toxic effects. This division covers materials which can cause the death of a person exposed to small amounts. Examples: sodium cyanide, hydrogen sulphide
Poisonous & infectious materials - Division 2 Materials causing other toxic effects. This division covers materials which cause immediate eye or skin irritation as well as those which can cause long-term effects in a person repeatedly exposed to small amounts. Examples: acetone, asbestos,etc.
Poisonous & infectious materials - Division 3 Biohazardous infectious material. This division applies to materials which contain harmful microorganisms. Examples: cultures or diagnostic specimens containing salmonella bacteria or the hepatitis B virus
R&om testing Has been deemed acceptable in certain safety sensitive positions
RSI Repetitive Strain Injury
Severity rate the number of days lost x 200,000/person-hours worked
Uninsured costs Are not easily recognizable or fixed, & include items such as: production loss, OH&S committee expenses, replacement worker wages & reduced worker motivation & morale
Vicariously liable Where the employer is held accountable for the actions of its employees
WHMIS Requires all organizations in Canada to provide employees with the information about the materials they work with that they need to know to prevent a workplace incident
Worker’s compensation Establishes provincially-run programs for workers & their dependents; provides for: medical care, rehabilitation services, wage loss recovery, disability awards for worker injury, income continuation & funeral benefits for dependents in case of death.
Workplace inspections A proactive action required by legislation with some jurisdictions providing guidelines
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