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Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology 7-12

Medical TerminologyMeanings
helio- light
astr- star
-asthenia weakness
iso- equal
tarso- ankle region
-tope place
pod- foot
malign- bac, harmful
adnexa- ties, connections
ocul- eye
lapar- abdominal wall
dacry- tear
ment- mind
part- bring forth, labor
scle(a)- hard
somato- body
trachel- neck or neckline structure
sinus hollow space
hypno- sleep
sept- fence, wall
scirr(h)- hard
antr- cavity or chamber
-crine to secrete
dura- hard
pneum- lung,air
phage- eat
phren- mind
corne- horn like
plak- plate
iris rainbow
kerat- horny
pulmon- lung
ptyal- saliva
alveoli- cavity or socket
oophor- ovary
oment- covering of internal organs
sedat- quiet, calm
furca- fork shaped
radic- root
radi- ray
fistul- pipe, or narrow passageway
edema- swelling (fluid)
dactyl- finger, toe
metabol(e) change
pariet- wall
ependym- wrapping or cover
gravid pregnancy
aer- air
glycol- sweet,sugar
gluco- sweet, sugar
tarso- framework of the upper eyelid
cheir hand
chir- hand
calc- stone, heel
cine- movement
digit finger , toe
dors- back
gangli- knotlike mass, swelling
gemin- twin or double
grad- walk, take steps
gran- grain, or particle
labi- lip
micr- small
peps- digest
pept- digest
pleur- pleura
mamm- breast
colla- glue
later- side
rachi- spinal column
phob- fear
phot- light
dys- bad, out of order
cut- skin
en- in
peri- around
pro- before
mechano- machine
dynamo- power
osmo- odor
traumat- injury
trich- hair
maxilla upper jaw bone
an-, a- without, not
phak- lens
pre- before
strict- tighten, narrow
turbin- shaped like a top
ameb- change
semi- half
neo- new
hormone- excite or set in motion
therm- heat
syn- together
sym- together
vuls(e) twitch or pull
post after
metr- uterus
tegument covering or skin
pan- all
poly- many
ramus branch
neuro- nerve
thromb- clot
ab- away
-plegia paralysis
ante- before
thel- nipple
ex- out, away from
lien- spleen
tumor swelling
vestibule entrance
puer- child
sarc- flesh
prolix- offspring
macro- large
lal- language
intra- within
inter- between
cryo- cold
mal- bad
glom- ball
tens- stretch
spas- pull.draw
somni- sleep
pharmacy- drug
lumbo- loins
arter- artery
appendic- appendix
thyro- thyroid
splen- spleen
ovario- ovary
adreno- adrenal gland
basi- base
pelvis pelvis
vena- vein
urethra urethra
utero- uterus
sacro- sacrum
pharyng- pharynx
duodeno- duodenum
ureter ureter
laryng- larynx
bronch- bronchus
col- colon
esophag- esophagus
bi- two,double,both
tri- htree
ile- ileum
ili- ilium
lig- ligament
thrap- therapy
Created by: sr4095
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