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WWall RX Final

wwal RX Final Review Quiz's 06/08

When two drugs act on a target organ by different mechanisms of action, and the effect of the drug pair is equal to the sum of the separate effects of the drugs is called? additivity
An effect that is opposite to or unusual or no effect, compared with what is usually predicted is? idiosyncratic effect
What is the principle organ for drug metabolism? Lung, Liver, Kidney, stomach liver
When a drug attaches to a receptor site but does not activate the site, this is called? competitive antagonism
What are the methods of eliminating drugs from the body? kidneys, lungs, GI tract all
Given the therapeutic index, what drug index is the most toxic? TI-1, TI-10, TI-100, TI-1000 TI-1
A life threading allergic reaction to a drug is called? anaphylaxis
The study of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of a drug is called? pharmacokinetics
The response increases with increasing dosage until additional dosage causes no further effect is called? ceiling effect
When a chemical is added to a drug that has no effect but increases the potency of the original drug 1+0=3, is called? potentiation
A pediatric pt in the ED has a harsh, barking cough, inspiratory strider, tachypnea and tachycardia; No wheezing is noted. What drug would you recommend? Fluticasone, albuterol, Intal, Vaponephrine Vaponephrine aka racemic epi, for treatment of croup
What is the drug of choice for stabilizing mast cells? Fluticasone, albuterol, Intal, Vaponephrine Intal aka cromolyn sodium
How frequently can you give Vaponephrine? every hour
Which of the following drugs has an anti-inflammatory effect? fluticasone, albuterol, Intal, Vaponephrine fluticasone aka Flovent
The advantages of administering steroids by aerosol include rapid absorption at site of action with reduced systemic side effects
The advantage of delivering steroids with B2 agonists is they potentiate bronchodilating effects
Your 5 year old has been diagnosed with RAD. What anti-asthmatic drug would you recommend? hint it's Carol’s favorite Singulair
Chronic airway inflammation associated with asthma would best be controlled by inhaled Fluticasone
Salmeterol is a long acting B-agonist effective in the treatment of? chronic asthmatic symptoms
Which of would not be classified as an anti-asthmatic drug? Intal, Tilade, Albuterol, Accolate Accolate
What drug is the only inhaled steroid available for nebulization? (this buds for you Chris) Budesonide
Fulminant rapidly occurring
Surface tension is a cohesive force that creates tension at the surface of a liquid
The rescue protocol for surfactant replacement drugs is used for infants who develop IRDS
Surfactant replacement drugs are given via direct instillation
Contra-indications for the administration of surfactant replacement drugs are there are no known contra-indications
Without adequate surfactant in the alveoli, how much negative pressure must be generated for alveolar inflation? -40 to -60
ethyl alcohol is a surface active agent that is useful in the management of alveolar pulmonary edema
Ethyl alcohol may be used as aerosol in the following dose 5-15 mL of 30-50% solution
Clinical symptoms of alveolar pulmonary edema are pink frothy secretions with bilateral rales on auscultation
Surfactant production is normally stimulated by coughing, periodic sighs, and stimulation of stretch receptors
Which of the following is not a bland aerosol? ½ NS, sterile water, sodium bicarbonate, NS sodium bicarb
Which of the following agents is/are hypertonic? .9% saline, 5% saline, 10% saline
Which of the following are hygroscopic? .45% saline, sterile water, NS, 5% saline 5% saline
Mechanism of action for Mucomyst is breaks the disulphide bonds
Mechanism of action for Pulmozyme is lysis DNA in mucus
Na Bicarbonate mechanism of action is alter the pH, breaking side chains of amino acid in mucus
The solution of choice in LVN is sterile distilled water
What solution would you use for sputum induction? 5% saline
The most effective method of mucolysis is? aerosolized mucolytics
The most effective method for mobilizing and improving mucokinetics is adequate hydration and fluid intake
Which of the following is the most effective mucolytic for patients with purulent retained secretions? Mucomyst, dornase alpha, sodium bicarb, hypertonic saline dornase alfa aka Pulmozyme
How many mgs are there in 8 cc of a .5% solution of morphine? 40mg calc 8 * .5 * 10 = 40
Morphine comes in 10mg/5ml vials. How much do you need to deliver 4 mgs? 2 vials calc, 10/5 = 4/x so cross multiply and get 10x/10 = 20/10 so x=2, and since we are solving for vials the answer is 2 vials
A bottle of Demerol has 50mg/5cc. How much of the bottle do you need to deliver 25 mg of Demerol? 2.5 ml calc 50/5 = 25/x, cross multiply and 50x = 125, solve for x, 50x/50 = 125/50, x = 2.5 ml
How many mgs are there in 2cc of a 20% solution of albuterol? 400 mg, calc mg = 2*20*10
If there are 30 mg in 2 cc of a drug, what percentage solution is this? 1.5%, calc 30 = 2*x*10, 30=20x, solve for x, 20x/20 =30/20, x = 1.5%
Approximately what percentage of medication is actually deposited in the lung during an SVN treatment? 10-20%
Drugs are instilled into the airway for the following reasons stimulate a cough and aid in secretion removal, utilize the mucosa of the lung for drug absorption during a code arrest
If an MDI canister floats on its side in a bowl of water it is approximately how full? empty
What is the recommended particle size for deposition of particles into the smaller airways? 1-5 microns
Which of the following is not an advantage of drug administration by aerosol? Fewer systemic side effects, rapid onset of action, precise amount of drug is given to the patient, patient can self admin the drugs precise amount of drugs is unsure, estimate is 10-20%
What are three categories of bronchodilators? sypathomimetics, anticholinergics and xanthines
Which of the following may not be given orally? Saligenins, catecholamines, resorcinols, xanthines catecholamines
Which of the following should not be given during an acute asthma attack? Albuterol, Isuprel, salmeterol, Xopenex salmeterol aka Serevent is best for treating chronic asthma
Which of the following is chemically a single isomer? Albuterol, Isuprel, salmeterol, Xopenex Xopenex aka levalbuterol
Which of the following classes of drugs may be used in the management of Bronchoconstriction? Beta agonists, anti-cholinergics, xanthenes all
Bronchoconstriction is: bronchospasm, mucosal edema, reduced airway lumen, wheezing? reduced airway lumen
Which of the following has an alpha effect: albuterol, Isuprel, ipratropium, racemic epinephrine? racemic epinephrine
Which of the following would not be a side effect of a sympathomimetic drug? Increased HR, shakiness, decreased HR, nervousness decreased HR
A drug that must be converted by the body to an active form is a prodrug
Which of the following would be classified as a long acting bronchodilator? salmeterol, albuterol, levalbuterol, racemic epi salmeterol aka Serevent
Which of the following would be the shortest acting bronchodilator? Salmeterol, albuterol, levalbuterol, racemic epi racemic epi
When delivering continuous albuterol, which of the following should be monitored? HR, potassium, glucose all of them
the study of the mechanism of action of a drug and drug effect is called pharmacodynamics
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