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The Brain


Hinbrain a part of the brain located at the rear base of the skull that is involved in the basic processes of life.
Midbrain a small part of the brain that covers the brain central core, responsible for sensory and motor control and processing of thinking and language.
Forebrain a part of the brain that covers the brain central core, responsible for sensory and motor control and processing of thinking and language.
Things located in the forebrain cerebral cortex, cerebrum, and limbic system.
The forebrain includes the hypothalamus, amyglada, thalamus, and hippocarnpus.
What is the cerebrum two hemispheres connected by a band of fibers called the corpus callosum.
Right side of brain visual and spatial relations, percetual tasks, recognition of patterns, and creativity and inturition.
Left side of brain speech, mathematical ability, calculation, and logic.
What happens if the corpus callosum decrease the severity and amount of grand mal seizures a person is experiencing. this will also split the brain, the person will have two brains that will operate each other.
Endorcine system a chemical communication system, using hormones, by which messages are sent through the bloodstream.
Hormones chemical substances that carry messages through the body in blood.
Pituitary gland the center of control of the endocrine system that secretes a large number of hormones.
Hormones affect behavior, the growth of bodily structures such as muscles and bones, metabolic processes, the brain, and how your body acts in a stressful situation.
What do hormones do message regulate cell metaboilsm and control growth and reproduction.
Thyroid gland produces the hormone thyroxine, which stimulates certain chemical reactions that are important for all tissues of the body.
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