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Mech. of Action

Drug mech of action

Drug Mechanism of action
Atropine -competitive antagonist to ACh at muscarinic receptor sites -blocks parasympathetic response & allows sympathetic response to take over*~heart:atrial effects ~lungs:dec mucous prod,^broncho smth musc relax ~GI:dec secret & motility ~Urinary:dec blad/tone
Dopamine D:1-2mcg/kg/min~activ dope.recept cause cerebral,renal,mesenteric vasodil *D:2-10mcg/kg/min~activ Beta1 recept stimulates heart ^cardiac output & BP *D:10-20mcg/kg/min~activ AlphaRecep caus renal mesenertic & peripheral vasoconstriction
Verapamil Blocks Ca++ Chan in heart cell slows influx of Ca++ ons -reduc contract force -slows heart/rate -slows AV node conduct -slows ventric respons from Afib/Aflutter -itnerupt re-entry in SVT
Epinephrine A1agonist- perif. vasoconst ^systemic vascular resist.*B1-pos.tropes & reduce Dfib threshold *B2 bronco relax, skel.vas.dil, block histamine release
Magnesium antagonize Ca++ & block Ca++ chan=Bronch smth.mscl.relax,vasodil,CNSdepress Eclamp.seizure*AntiArhyth maintain K+ & blockCa++*Reduc hrt iritablty*Reduc ACh release to mgn sezure & block neuromusc transmission reduce muscl stimuli
Calcium Increases serum calcium ion levels -increases muscle force of contraction -increased neurotrasmitter release
Glucagon Converts liver glycogen to glucose raising serum levels-reverses effects of hypoglycemia Smooth muscle relaxant Cardiac inotrope
Pitocin Oxytocin receptor agonist -increases force & frequency of uterine contrations
Lasix Venous vasodilation-reduces preload Stops re-absoption or sodium and chloride in the acending Loop of Henle -increases excretion of sodium,chloride,potassium & therefore water
Albuterol Primarily (selective) B2 agonist -bronchial smooth muscle relaxation -dilation of skeletal vasculature -Note:B1 activity usually minimal
Solu-Medrol Intracellular agonist -Immunosupressant -reduces inflammation -thought to stabilize cell membranes
Atrovent Comp. antagonist to AHc at muscarinic recept. site* Blocks parasympathetic respon. & allows sympathetic respon. to take over|Lungs- decreased mucous product & increase bronchial smooth muscle relaxation
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