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Ch. 38-39

Antibodics taken before exposure to an infectious organism to prevent infection Prophylactic
This class of antibodtics may cause teeth discoloration in children under 8 Tetracycline
Anaphylactic reations are comon with this class of antibiotics Penicillins
Antibiotics that kill bacteria Bactericidal
There is a chance of cross-reactivity between this class of antibiotics and penicillins Cephalosporins
Macrolides Aithromycin, clarithromycin, erthromycin
Class of antibodtics commonly used for UTI Sulfonamides
Antibodtics tht inhibit the growth of bacteria Bacterialstatic
an infection that occurs during antimicrobial treatment of another infection Superinfection
Penicillin Drug Interactions Methotresate, NSAIDs, Oral Contraceptives, Probebecid, Rifampin, Warfarin
What intervention is important for the nurse to preform before beginning antibiotic therapy? Obtain a specimen for culture and sensitivity
The nurse will instruct a patient receiving tetracycline to take it using 8oz of water
When a pt states that have a drug allergy what does the nurse ask next. What type of reaction did you have?
Anticeptics are used for Inhibit the growth of bacteria on living tissue
Heath Care Assisocated Infections Infected in hospital, hard to treat, organisms virulent
Linezoid Drug Interactioin Serotoin Reup take inhibitor/Antidepressant
Vancomycin Assesment Renal Function
Aminoglycoside - Nursing Assesment Ringing in ears, Monitor serum creatinine levels
Quinolones Drug Interaction Oral Anticoagulants
Antibodtic used commonly to treat MRSA Vancomycin
Colistimethate - Adverse Reactions Numbness, Vertigo, Dizziness
Aminoglycoside Drug Interaction Furosemide, Warfarin, Vancomycin
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