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Drug Classification


Barbiturate Type of sedative
Benzodiazepine CNA depressing agents with potential for abuse and/or dependence
Beta Blocker Blocks response to beta stimulation, resulting in decrease in heart rate, myocardial contractility, blood pressure and myocardial oxygen demand
Bronchodilator Acts to relive bronchospasms, used in the treatment of asthma
Calcium Channel Blockers Blocker prevents the movement of calcium ions through blocker slow channels. Causes a relaxing of the coronary arty smooth muscle and are used to control fat ventricular rated in patients with arterial flutter and atrial fibrillation
Cardiac Glycoside Used to treat mild to moderate heart failure
Cephalosporin Inhibits cell wall formation in bacteria
Corticosteroid A hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex that regulates the body's ability to handle stress, resist infections, relieve inflammation and manages autoimmune disorders
Decongestant Used to cause mucous membrane vasoconstriction, reduction of nasal passages drainage, and relief of stuffiness
Diuretic Increases urine production. Decreases blood pressure by decreasing blood volume by increasing the elimination of salts and water through urination
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