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Meds for 5, 6

MOA alpha-adrenergic drugs used for hypotension activates SNS, contraction of smooth muscle (artieris and extremeties); vasoconstriction, contraction of sphincter, liation of pupils, decrease GI, relaxation of of bladder, targets alpha adrenergic receptors
metaraminol Aramine
Norepinephrine Levophed
Tetrahydrozoline Visine
alpha-adrenergic drugs metaraminol - Aramine norepinephrine - Levophed tetrahydrozoline (Visine)
MOA Beta-adrenergic Drugs used for cardiac stimulation and asthma stimulation of the heart (beta 1) and bronchodilation (beta 2)Beta adrenergic is similar to symphatomimetics
MOA: Non-selective beta-adrenergics target more than one receptor site (beta 1 and beta 2)dopamine - Intropin, and epinephrine -Adrenaline
dopamine Intropin
epinephrine Adrenaline
MOA of selective beta-adrenergics only stimulate beta 2 receptors without causing excessive stimulation of beta 1. albuterol - Proventil, ventolin
albuterol Proventil, ventolin
MOA alpha blockers alpha blockers compete with NE for binding to the alpha adrenergic receptors; since the major alpha organ is the blood vessels, vasolidation and lowering of blood pressure occurs. Used for hyprtension prazosin - minipress doxazosin - Cardura
prazosin minipress
doxazosin Cardura
Adverse effects of alpha blockers drugs v BP , Nasal congestion, ^ GI, constriction of pupils
MOA selective Beta blockers atenolol - Tenormin, etoprolol - Lopressor Used for hpotension bind to beta 1 receptors and block effects of EPI and NE. Used for hypertension, angina, arrhythmias
atenolol Tenormin
etoprolol Lopressor
MOA Non-selective beta blockers nadolol - Corgurd, proprananolol - Inderal Used for hypotension block beta 1 and beta 2 receptors on smooth muscle
Adverse effects of beta blockers N/V, diarrhea, bradycardia, CHF, cardiac arrest
nadolol Corgurd
proprananolol Inderal
MOA cholinegics bethanechol -Urecholine mimic the actions of Ach at the receptors. used for urinary retention
Adverse effects of cholinergics excessive stimulation of Parasympathetic; N/V, diarrhea, blurred vision, seating, tremors, bronchoconstriction, bradycardia, hypotension
Urecholine Urecholine
MOA anticholinegics block the cholinergic binding sites of Ach; used for asthma
atropine antidote to cholinergic drugs
Adverse effects of beta-adrenergics overstimulation of heart, restlessness, tremors, anxiety, arrythmias
Adverse effects of alpha adrenergics excessive vasoconstriction of blood vessels; hypertension, hypertensive crisis.
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