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Social Studies 1st

Eastern Hemisphere

Chernobyl, the site of the worst nuclear power plant disaster is in the country of *. Ukraine
Glaciers caused * as the scraped up rocks and soil as they moved across Europe. Ridges of hills
Most of Eastern Europe has a *. Continental cool summer climate
In the 1990’s the Polish economy grew because of the *. Encouragement of the Entrereneurs
* was the first republic to secede from Yugoslavia in 1990. Slovenia
The war between Serbia and * resulted in one of the worst ethnic cleansings of modern time. Kosovo
* caused many people to not claim any religion. Religion was discouraged by the Soviet Union’s government
The breakup of Yugoslavia caused *. ethnic segregation and ethnic cleansing
Mechanized farming is well-suited for *. large expanses of flat land
* will expand a country's economy. Investing in equipment to make more trade goods
During the * Europe found itself in a time of renewed interest in art and learning. Renaissance
The philosophy of * the individual’s accomplishment is the focus over religion. Humanism
Following the Protestant Reformation the Catholic Church’s response was the *. Catholic Reformation
During the *, science from the Scientific Revolution was applied to human affairs. Enlightenment
The 4 main causes of WWI were *. alliances, imperialism, militarism, and nationalism
* were protected during the Great Depression by tariffs placed on imported farm products. U.S. farmers
The Axis Powers of WWII included *. Germany, Italy and Japan
The most visible symbol of the Cold War was the * that divided Communism and Democracy. Berlin Wall
Twenty-seven nations had joined the * by 2008. European Union
East German factories were * after the Cold War because many were outdated and inefficient. closed
The * would be a helpful tool to use when finding directions on a map. Compass rose
* provide help finding distances on a map. Scale bars
Events like recent elections results can be shown on *. Special-purpose map
Elevations would best be shown on a *. Physical map
The theme of geography that represents the migration patterns of humans is *. movement
Most Western European cities are located on the *. plains
* of Western Europe make public transportation networks possible. Large Urban areas
The government of England is called a *, which has a ceremonial leader. Constitutional Monarchy
The European Union works to * to its member nations. Expand Prosperity
* is one of West Central Europe’s largest and most important industries. Terace
When an economic system uses *, it has businesses owned privately and not by the government. Privatization
Southern European economies have enjoyed strong growth because of the *. European Union
The nation of * is given credit as the birthplace of the idea of democracy. Greece
Because of labor shortages Europe has seen a * to its countries. Growth in imagration
The * is a reason that Scandinavian economies have a high standard of living. Oil production in the north sea
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