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Afghan Vocabulary

Unit 1 AS English

Allah-u-Akbar "Allah (God) is the Greatest"
Hazara Derives from the Persian word hazar meaning "thousand"
Babalu Meaning "Boogeyman"
Pashtuns Eastern Iranian group residing in eastern and southern Afghanistan, they speak the Pashto language and practice Pastunwali "code of conduct and honor"
Sunni Muslims Derives from the Arabic word Sunnah, meaning word and action of Islamic prophet Muhammad. Largest denomination of Islam
Laaf Afghan tendency to exaggerate
Baba Meaning "Father"
Saratan Cancer
Sherjangi A "Battle of the Poems" game
Buzkashi Afgan sport similar to Polo
Chapandaz Highly skilled Buzkashi horseman
Mard Huge man
Sultan An Islamic title of Muslim ruler.
Kaka Uncle
Shahnamah or Shahnameh (The Epic of Kings) tells hero tales of ancient Persia.
Watan Native country, home
Kasseef Filthy, very dirty
Eid Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan
Salaam alaykum Peace
Agha Sahib Agha meaning "Great lord; Nobleman; Commander" and Sahib meaning "Friend, Sir"
Kabul Capital and largest city of Afghanistan; Over 3,000 years old
Qurma Meaning "Chicken" usually found in stew
Agha grandfather
Jan Word of endearment; dear (formal). Joon is the informal form of it that literally means “life.”
Panjpar Card game
Sahib sir, master, lord
Inshallah God Willing
Bazaar Marketplace
Namaz Prayer, especially those enforced by the law
Bas Enough
Allah God
Bachem “my child” or “my baby”
Balay Yes
Bismillah In the name of God!
Dil The heart, mind, and soul
Hijab Veiling
Iftikhar Honour
Kaka Uncle
Khala Maternal aunt (Ameh is a paternal aunt.) Calling an unrelated woman khala indicates that she is very close to the family or to the child.
Khoda hafez Good bye, or in Farsi the language used it means "God keep you safe"
Komak Help
Lafz Tone of voice
Lochak Small Scarf
Maghbool Beautiful
Moalem Teacher
Moftakhir Proud
Mohtaram Respected
Namoos Reputation; fame; renown; esteem; honor; dignity
Nang Honor; reputation; estimation
Nika Swearing ceremony of a wedding
Raka’t Section of a prayer
Roussi The word for Russian
Shorawi The former U.S.S.R.
Wah wah Bravo, Admirable
Watan Native home/country
Yelda The first night of winter and the longest night of the year
Zendagi migzara Life goes on
Bia come
Biwa widow
Burqa a women’s outer garment that covers them from head to toe including the face. This garment is worn in public.
Farsi the language spoken by Persians and is spoken in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan by certain ethnic groups.
Ghamkhori depression, feeling sorry for oneself
Hadia gift
Khanum lady, Mrs.
Lotfan please
Nazar the evil eye; sight, view, idea
Rupia unit of currency in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan
Salaam alaykum Hello to you/ Peace
Tashakor Thank you
Watani Belonging to one’s country
Yar familiar or affectionate form of address, especially among young people
Yateem orphan
Created by: hannahtyreman
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