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Yang Supplementing

Materia Medica III

When there is a need for yang supplementing medicinals, which three organs are of the most likely to be impacted? KD - SP - HT
What is the dosage for Lu Rong, Cervi Cornu pantotrichum? 1-3g
Which yang supplementing medicinal strongly invigorates the primal KD yang, boosts essence and blood, strengthens the sinews and bones, regulates the chong, ren and du and expresses toxins? Lu Rong, Cervi Cornu pantotrichum
Which yang supplementing medicinal is similar to Lu Rong, although it has the additional function to move blood and disperse swelling? Lu Jiao, Cervi Cornu
What is the dosage for Lu Jiao? 5-15g
What are the channel entries, nature and flavor for the antler family? KD - LV - Sweet - Salty - Warm
Which yang supplementing medicinal is weaker than Lu Rong, and has the additional function to staunch bleeding? Lu Jiao Jiao, Cervi Cornus Colla
When Lu Jiao Jiao is processed with rice wine what is enhanced? It's invigorating effect
Which form of antler is used in You Gui Wan (Right Metal Pill)? Lu Jiao Jiao
This is the weakest form in the antler family, it has the additional effect for treating cold in the middle and KD yang vacuity with cold in the womb. Lu Jiao Shuang, Cervi Cornu Degelatinatum
Is Zi He Che drying? No
Which 6 yang supplementing medicinals calm panting? Zi He Che - Ge Jie - Dong Chong Xia Cao - He Tao Ren - Bu Gu Zhi - Zhong Ru Shi
Which yang supplementing medicinal promotes lactation, calms panting, warms the KD and supplements essence, boosts qi and nourished the blood? Zi He Che, Hominis Placenta
Which yang supplementing medicinal is used with Ren Shen in supporting the LU KD interaction to calm panting and cough? Ge Jie, Gecko
Because Ge Jie assists KD yang and boosts essence blood, it is used to improve what? Sexual function
Which yang supplementing medicinal is used to treat LU abscess as well as wasting and thirsting? Ge Jie
Dong Chong Xia Cao invigorates __________and nourishes _____. invigorates yang and nourishes yin
Two additional actions of which yang supplementing medicinal are to staunch bleeding and transform phlegm, research also suggests that it benefits the immune system... Dong Chong Xia Cao, Cordyceps
When using Dong Chong Xia Cao, should it only be used for a short duration? No, long term use is needed
Which yang supplementing medicinal is used to warm and supplement the KD and LU, moisten the intestines, aid in brain development and treat stone strangury? He Tao Ren, Juglandis Semen
Which yang supplementing medicinals go to the LI to treat constipation? He Tao Ren - Suo Yang - Rou Cong Rong (Hai Shen also for constipation but does not go to the LI)
Suo Yang, Cynomorii Herba is used to supplement KD yang, boost LV KD yin essence, moisten the intestines and treat male __________. Impotence
Is Rou Cong Rong drying? No
Name two functions of Rou Cong Rong, Cistanches Herba Supplement KD yang - Boost essence blood - Moisten intestines
Ba Ji Tian has a minor action to supplement the blood, is it cloying? No
Which herb is good for the elderly because it boosts yuan qi to treat tight muscles for those with difficulty moving as well as disperses wind damp while strengthening the sinews and bones? Ba ji tian, Morindae Officinalis Radix
Which yang supplementing medicinals go to the SP? Xian Mao - Bu Gu Zhi - Yi Zhi Ren
Which yang supplementing medicinal is hot and toxic and thus warms the womb as well as essence in men, dispels cold damp, and warms the SP ST? Xian Mao, Curculiginis Rhizoma
This leafy looking medicinal Warms the KD and ming men, is used for sexual patterns of cold, strengthens the sinews and bones and is commonly used for bi syndrome to dispel wind damp. Yin Yang Huo,Epimedii Herba
Which yang supplementing medicinal calms panting, checks diarrhea, reduces urination, treat sexual dysfunction, secures essence, assists yang and supplements the KD? Bu Gu Zhi, Psoraleae Fructus
Bu Gu Zhi is commonly used with ___ ____ ____. He Tao Ren
What is the nature and temperature of Bu Gu Zhi? Acrid - Bitter - Astringent - Very warm
Which yang supplementing medicinal Warms the KD and SP to secure essence and stop diarrhea, is reduces urination, opens the ST, and contains spittle? Yi zhi ren, Alpiniae oxyphyllae Fructus
Which 3 Yang supplementing medicinals quite the fetus? Tu Si Zi - Du Zhong - Xu Duan -
Which 6 Yang supplementing medicinals secure essence? Bu Gu Zhi - Yi Zhi Ren - Tu Si Zi - Sha Yuan Zi - Jiu Cai Zi - Gou Ji
Which 9 Yang supplementing medicinals Strengthen sinews and bones? Lu Rong - Lu Jiao - Ba Ji Tian - Xian Mao - Yin Yang Huo - Du Zhong - Xu Duan - Gu Sui Bu - Gou Ji
Which herb is used with fu ling, shan yao and dang shen to check diarrhea and benefit the spleen? Tu Si Zi, Cuscutae Semen
Which 2 Yang supplementing medicinals brighten the eyes? Tu Si Zi - Sha Yuan Zi
Which Yang supplementing medicinal quiets the fetus, secures essence, checks diarrhea and nourishes the liver to brighten the eyes? Tu Si Zi, Cuscutae Semen
Which Yang supplementing medicinal quiets the fetus when used with xu duan, promotes qi and blood flow and strengthens the sinews and bones? Du Zhong, Eucommiae Cortex
Of the bone strengthening yang supplementing medicinals, which 2 knit the bones? Xu Duan - Gu Sui Bu
Which Yang supplementing medicinal quiets the fetus, stanches bleeding, knits the bones and supplements the LV and KD? Xu Duan,Dipsaci Radix
Which Yang supplementing medicinal knits the bones, quickens blood, and supplements KD yang to stimulate the growth of hair? Gu Sui Bu, Drynariae Rhizoma
Which Yang supplementing medicinal strengthens sinews and bones, warms the KD to reduce urine and vaginal discharge, and dispels wind damp? Gou Ji, Cibotii Rhizoma
Which Yang supplementing medicinal nourishes the LV to brighten the eyes, secures essence and supplements the KD? Sha Yuan Zi, Astragali complanati Semen
Which Yang supplementing seed secures essence, invigorates yang and warms and supplements the LV & KD? Jiu Cai Zi, Allii tuberosi Semen
This yang supplementing medicinal disperses cold for cold mounting shan pain, relieves pain and warms the KD. Hu Lu Ba, Trigonellae Semen
Which 3 Yang supplementing medicinals warm the womb? Lu Jiao Shuang - Xian Mao - Yang Qi Shi
When cold impediment invades the womb or leads to impotence, premature ejaculation or infertility, which salty and warm herb would you use to warm the KD and invigorate yang? Yang Qi Shi, Actinolitum
This yang supplementing medicial helps to bring things downward, which makes sense when observed in its natural environment, it warms the LU to calm wheezing, grasps qi, assists yang and augments the KD. Zhong Ru Shi, Stalactitum
What is the dosage of Hai Gou Shen? 1-2g in pills or powders
Which hot and salty herb is not used in the U.S., but is used in China to strengthen the yang and essence? Hai Gou Shen, Callorhini Testes et Penis
In addition to its categorical functions, this animal product, yang supplementing medicinal, also reduces swelling and dissipates nodules. Hai Long, Syngnathus
In addition to its categorical functions, this animal product, yang supplementing medicinal, also quickens the blood. Hai Ma, Hippocampus
This animal product, yang supplementing medicinal, strongly nourishes KD and essence and well as moistens the intestines for constipation due to intestinal dryness. Hai Shen, Stichopus
What is the dosage for Hai Shen? 30-60g in decoction, or more as food
Which 2 yang supplementing medicinals are contraindicated in pregnancy? Hai Long - Hai Ma
The only herb in the yang supplementing category to go to the heart is... Hai Shen, Stichopus
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