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Chapter 4 Review

immigrant person whp moves from one place to another
Anasazi ancient group of Native Americans that developed complex civilizations
equal opportunity law that says you can not discriminate because of race, gender, religion, age, or disability
citizenship a combo of the duties and rights of citizens
democracy the government recieves its power from the people. Means "rule of the people" in Greek
republic the people hold some power, but rule through elected representitives
political process legal activities through which citizens can change public policy
patriotism love for your country
US Constitution document that is the framework abd foundation for all laws in the US government
unlimited government leaders have total power
limited government leaders have limited power
constitutional amendment a change or an addition to the constitution
Bill of Rights list of specific freedoms guaranteed to every US Citizen
federal government the republic that is headed by the president
factors of production ingredients needed for production to occur
naturual resouces raw materials used to make goods
labor resources workers
capital resources machines,factories,and supplies
enterpreneurs people who bring the company together
GDP total amount of goods a country produces each year
free enterprise/market economy lets businesss make their own prices and how much they make
consumers the people who use goods and services
profit money that is left over after exspences
competition rivalry among businesses
Executive enforces laws
Legislative makes laws
Judicial approves laws
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