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Epinephrine Adrenergics Adrenalin Chloride topical 1;100 local anesthesia 1:500,000 to 1:50,000 most commonly 1:100,000 and 1:200,000
fentanyl citrate Analgesics (Narcotic) Sublimaze 0.5-1mcg/kg IV over several minutes
meperidine hydrochloride Analgesics (narcotic) Demerol repeated slow IV injection of 10mg/mL or 1mg/mL IV infusions titrated to patients needs
Morphine Sulfate Analgesics (narcotic) Morphine 2.5-15 mg IV every 4 hours as needed; inthracecal injection of 0.2-1mg for 24 hour pain relief
Tromethamine Analgesic-antipyretic-NSAID Toradol 60mg IM or 30mg IV
Midazolam HCl Antianxiety-sedative/tranquilizer Versed 0.07-0.08 mg/kg; 0.5mg IV over a 2 min period
Diazepam Antianxiety-sedative/tranquilizer Valium up to 10 mg IM or IV
Lorazepam Antianxiety-sedative/tranquilizer Ativan 1-2mg PO preoperative
lidocaine HCl Anti-arrhythmics Xylocaine, Lignocaine 1-1.5 mg/kg IV bolus, not to exceed 300 mg in a 1 hour period
gentamycin sulfate Aminogylcosides Garamycin 3mg/kg/day divided into four doses
neomycin sulfate Aminoglycosides Neosulf 50mg/kg/day divided into four doses
Penicillin G 1.2-24million units/day IM or IV in divided doses
Cefazolin sodium, chephalexin, monohydrate (Cephalosporins) Ancef, Kefzol, Keflex 250mg to 1.5g IM or IV every 6-8 hours
Cefuroxime sodium, (cephalosporins) Ceftin, Zinacef 750mg-1.5g IM or IV every 8 hours
cefoxitin (cephalosporins) Mefoxin 1-2g IV or IM every 8 hrs
cefotetan (cephalosporins) Cefotan 1-2g IV or IM every 12 hours
Cefamandole (cephalosporins) Mandol 0.5-1g IM or IV every 12 hrs
ceftriaxone (cephalosporins) Rocephin. 3rd generation 1-2g once per day
ceftazidime Claforan. 3rd generation 1-2g IV or IM every 8-12 hrs
cefoperazone Cefobid 3rd generation 1-2g IM or IV every 12 hrs
cefepime HCl Maxipime 4th generation 1-2g IM or IV every 12 hours
Bactracin (miscellaneous antibiotics) Bacitracin 50,000 units per 1000 mL irrigation fluid
neomycin, polymixin, bactracin (misc. antibiotics) Neosporin as directed
Vancomycin (misc. Antibiotics) Vancocin 1-1.5 g IV every 12 hours
Ciproflaxin (fluoroquinolones) Cipro 400 mg every 12 hrs
Silver Sulfadiazine (Sulfomanides) Silvadene 1/16 inch thickness to clean, dibrided burns once or twice per day
Heparin sodium (anticoagulants) Heparin 150-300 units/kg IV, 10-100 units IV for filling vascular access devicse
Protamine sulfate (anticoagulant antagonist) Protamine Sulfate. Heparin reversal 1 mg for each 90-115 units of heparin given; not to exceed 50mg
Droperidol (antiemetics) Inapsine. PONV management 0.22-0.275 mg/kg IV
ondansetron (antiemetics) Zofran 4 mg IV over 2-5 mins
diphenhydramine (antihistamine) Benadryl 25-50 mg IM
Diatrizoate meglumine, diatrizoate sodium, hypaque meglumine (contrast media) Cystografin, Hypaque, Renografin full strength or diluted
Nitroglycerine (coronary artery dilator) 5-20mcg/minute every 3-5 minutes
Furosemide (diuretics) Lasix 40mg IV
Mannitol (diuretics) Osmitrol 1.5-2g/kg IV over 30-60 minutes
cimetidine (histamine 2 blockers) Tagamet 300mg IV
ranitidine (H2 blockers) Zantac 50 mg IV every 6-8 hrs
famotidine (H2 blockers) Pepcid 20 mg IV every 12 hrs
sodium citrate (H2 blockers) Bi-Citra 15-30mL PO
Dantrolene Dantrium. MH antagonist. 2.5mg/kg initial dose max dose 10-30mg/kg
naloxone hydrochloride Narcan 0.4-2mg IV every 2-3 minutes
Oxytocin Pitocin 10-40 units IV in 500mL solution at 20-40 milliunits per minutes
Dexamethasone Decadron 40 mg IV every 2-6 hours
betamethasone Celestone. administered topically or IM only. 0.5-mg IM
Vasopressin Pitressin. 20 units in 30mL saline for injection.
papverine HCl Papaverine 30-120mg in irrigation solution
Sodium bicarbonate 1mEq/kg IV of 7.5 or 8.4% solution followed by 0.5m Eq/kg IV every 10 minutes
Sterile distilled water for irrigation 1000mL and 3000mL containers or bags; not for injection
Normal saline (0.9%) for irrigation 500-mL, 1000mL, 3000mL containers; not for injection
Dextrose 5% in water 500mL and 1000mL bags
Lactated Ringer's solution 500-mL and 1000 mL bags
Normal saline .9% for inection 250mL, 500mL, 1000mL bags; 10mL and 30mL vials for mixing powdered medications
Sterile water for injection 30mL vials for mixing powdered medications
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