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Levora 2nd semester

Stack #136494

malignant harmful; deadly
interrogation questioning
unfathomable incomprehensible
contemporaries peers
predilection inclination; tendency
ambled walked slowly
aberrations deviations from the norm
contemptuous disrespectful; scornful; derisive
diminutive small; tiny
uncouth unsophisticated; ill-mannered; unrefined
acquiescence compliance; agreement
benevolence kindness
iniquities sins; wrongdoings
elusive tending to escape; evasive
apoplectic full of intense rage
peeved annoyed
tacit understood without being open
asinine foolish
rectitude moral virtue
haughty snooty
oblivious unaware
iniquity wickedness; sin; wrongdoing
lascivious lustful; lewd
overt openly done
discerning perceptive
alacrity eagerness, quickness
mountebank swindler, charlatan, fraud
egregious outstandingly bad
conjure summon by magic or a spell
inordinate excessive, immoderate
castigate severely chastise, reprove, punish
politic prudent, tactful
dilatory procrastinating, tardy, delaying
peevish irritable, querulous
lethargy laziness, drowsiness
venial trivial, forgivable
extenuate lessen the seriousness of
amorous loving
pernicious deadly, harmful, destructive
malice ill will
filch pilfer, steal
ruminate muse, ponder, meditate
infer conclude by reasoning from facts
tranquil serene, peaceful
bestial like a beast; brutal, savage
tenet rule; principle; doctrine
lavations baths; washings
obsequious excessively flattering
Created by: valenian
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