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Educational Skills

Learning Skills Listening, Concentration, Memorizing, Note Taking, Reading, Writing
Listening Strategies Stop talking, Practice active listening, Focus on teacher, Repeat messages back to determine understanding
Concentration Strategies Avoid distractions, Concentrate on the present task, study in a quiet relaxing place, take breaks as needed
Memory Strategies Use listening and concentration skills, Repeat verbally or in writing, Link material with something familiar, Use Mnemonic devices (acronyms)
Note-taking Strategies Listen carefully, Write well, Follow the leader (copy from board, record repeated phrases, record topics of emphasis), Organize your notes (outline, diagrams), Compare notes, Review notes within 48 hours
Reading Comprehension Strategies Scan Chapter, T.E.A.C.H. (think, explain, ask, clues, handwrite)
Writing Strategies Write neatly, Remember the 3 C's (Clear, Concise, and Convincing), Write simply in understandable format, Proofread work
Effective Habits Keep a notebook, Clearly understand the assignment and follow instructions, Keep assignments up to date, Schedule a time and place to study, Don't procrastinate, Study in short segments, Complete hard assignments first, Participate in class discussions
Poor Habits Completing easy assignments first, Studying around loud noises, Studying in cluttered environment, Wondering thoughts, Studying when tired or hungry, Failing to reflect on meaning of assignment, Staying up late to study
General Test Strategies Stay healthy and well-rested, Avoid over-studying, Develop a plan
Test Taking Strategies Relax during test administration, glance over the test (# of questions, format, points per question/section), read instructions
Other Steps While Testing Answer the easiest questions first, Eliminate answers, Go with your first guess, Check answers before turning in the test
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